Newswise — Just as in the rest of the world, men also make more money than women on kibbutzim, according to a survey conducted by Prof. Michal Palgi and Eliette Orchan of the University of Haifa's Institute for Research on the Kibbutz. Although the communal farms were once thought of as egalitarian communities, the current reality shows a different picture. Fifty-three percent of male kibbutz members earn more than the NIS 7,300 monthly average gross wage, while only 23% of women members do so. 66% of the men think their work provides a proper livelihood while only 47% of the women do.

Today there are two models for kibbutzim, the "cooperative" model, whose salaries are based on needs and not wages, and the "renewed" model, whose members earn differential wages based on their position and job. The study found that half of the members of renewed kibbutzim earn more than the average monthly salary while only a third of traditional kibbutz members do. The research also found that 70% of those living on traditional kibbutzim thought they earned proper wages, while only 50% of those living on new model kibbutzim agreed.

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