Newswise — Who controls the Internet today? Who, if anyone, should? The Apple encryption debate, the Sony data breach, and Edward Snowden’s disclosures about surveillance of U.S. and foreign citizens by the National Security Administration have repeatedly made the administration and operation of the Internet front-page news. A shadowy area long concealed in institutional and technological complexity has become an issue – like environmental protection and human rights— that has dramatic and far-ranging global implications that transcends national borders and legal jurisdictions.

The Turn to Infrastructure in Internet Governance, Palgrave MacMillian, 2015, a new book by DeNardis, Levinson, Cogburn and Musiani, brings together prominent international thinkers in Internet governance to address the emerging phenomenon of Internet governance. The book addresses what is at stake for Internet freedom and innovation, and the challenge of maintaining a universal and open Internet in the years to come.