Professor Muqtedar Khan is available to discuss Ramadan and the impacts that COVID-19 will have on the Muslim holy month.

Khan, an expert in U.S. foreign policy, Islamic political thought and governance, can do interviews on the following topics:

- COVID-19 and its implications. There are no prayers in the mosque. In Ramadan, a special prayer called Tarawih is prayed every night, often for an hour in congregations. Typically, they would be very well attended; now they have to be done virtual. Virtual prayers and Friday sermons are all new and the community is learning to innovate. "Not everyone has tech, so they are left out," he said.

- How to maximize spiritual growth during this Ramadan. On this point, Khan can draw from his recent book "Islam and Good Governance," an exploration of the Islamic concept of Ihsan, which means to do beautiful things. He discusses this concept in the video above.

- Fasting and what it means to Muslims.