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From pandemic to storms, virtual summit takes on issues facing small island states

The Virtual Island Summit, held earlier this month and attended by 350 representatives of government, civil society, business and academics from more 60 different countries, addressed the urgency of identifying and implementing technology-based...
22-Sep-2020 3:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Examining the science of stuttering, from childhood into adulthood

Like presidential candidate Joe Biden, researcher Evan Usler has used his personal experience to help those with speech disorders. Usler studies motor speech and fluency disorders, including stuttering.
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Where Trouble Starts

In the earliest hours of your embryonic status, cells were developing and multiplying, critical processes were starting up, networks were connecting and genetic codes — for better or worse — were directing the whole project. That early...
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The Road to Cheaper Electric Vehicles

A next-generation battery that will power our electric devices longer and, potentially, make them more affordable and accessible. That's the focus of Koffi Pierre Yao's research which has earned a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of...
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For diverse corporate board members, upward mobility stops with a seat at the table

A new study from the University of Delaware found that even when corporate boards include directors who are women and/or racial minorities, these diverse directors are significantly less likely to serve in positions of leadership. This occurs even...
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A Window Into Adolescence

Why do some adolescents take more risks than others? New research from University of Delaware Biomedical Engineer Curtis Johnson and graduate student Grace McIlvain suggests that two centers in the adolescent brain, one that makes them want to...
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An Unprecedented Discovery of Cell Fusion

Understanding how bacteria interact is critical to solving growing problems such as antibiotic resistance, in which infectious bacteria form defenses to thwart the medicines used to fight them. Researchers at the University of Delaware have...
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Busting Up the Infection Cycle of Hepatitis B

Researchers at the University of Delaware have gained new understanding of the virus that causes hepatitis B and the “spiky ball” that encloses the virus’s genetic blueprint. They examined how the capsid—a protein shell that protects the...
13-Aug-2020 12:50 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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