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One in a Million

By the time Tyler turned 10, he lost his ability to walk, see, and hear, but the cause remained a mystery. His family eventually turned to University of Utah Health, where scientists searched Tyler’s DNA for clues to his condition. What they...
17-Apr-2019 2:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Pairing Music with Medication Offers Potential Therapeutic Strategy to Manage Pain

Researchers at University of Utah Health found pairing music with one of four pain medications offered a promising complementary strategy to treat pain.
25-Mar-2019 12:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Giving Intravenous Therapy to Children at Home is Costly, Lowers Parents’ Quality of Life

When treating patients, doctors sometimes overlook how their decisions impact a world they never see: a patient’s home life. In the case of some serious infections in children, oral antimicrobial drugs are just as good at treating these ailments...
25-Mar-2019 1:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Novel Treatments Offer New Hope for Patients with Autoimmune Disease

Researchers at University of Utah Health have developed a new approach that targets the misfunctioning immune cells while leaving normal immune cells in place.
3-Mar-2019 11:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

Tracking Cholera in a Drop of Blood

A multi-institutional, international team of researchers has developed a method that identifies individuals recently infected with Vibrio cholerae O1. The results of the study are available online in the February 20 issue of the journal Science...
18-Feb-2019 2:00 PM EST Add to Favorites

Gory, Freaky, Cool: Marine Snail Venom Could Improve Insulin for Diabetic Patients

Researchers at University of Utah Health detailed the function of cone snail insulins, bringing them one step closer to developing a faster-acting insulin to treat diabetes.
12-Feb-2019 8:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Mitigating Concussive Brain Injuries

Researchers at University of Utah Health and University of Washington found an FDA-approved cancer drug--paclitaxel--offers protection to mice after experiencing mild traumatic brain injuries.
31-Jan-2019 1:30 PM EST Add to Favorites

Researchers Conduct First Population-based Study of Suicide Risk in People with Autism

Researchers at the University of Utah Health conducted the first population-based study of suicidality in individuals with ASD in the United States. The 20-year retrospective study found that for individuals with autism, particularly females, the...
18-Jan-2019 4:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

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University of Utah Health is the only academic medical system in the Mountain West and home to nationally recognized training and research programs in its School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, and colleges of nursing, pharmacy and health. Its clinical system includes four hospitals and 12 multi-specialty centers. The Huntsman Cancer Institute and John A. Moran Eye Center are part of the University's health sciences system.


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