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What Do Bird Dreams Sound Like?

While asleep, the area of birds’ brains dedicated to singing remains active, triggering vocal muscles without producing sound. In Chaos from AIP Publishing, researchers translate the muscle activity to synthesize the songs of avian dreams....
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A Smarter City Skyline for Flood Safety

With climate change and rising urbanization, the likelihood and severity of urban flooding are increasing. But not all city blocks are created equal. In Physics of Fluids, an AIP Publishing journal, researchers investigated how urban layout and...
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Wound Treatment Gel Fights the Battle Against Antibacterial Resistance

Polymer-based hydrogels are used to treat skin ailments and in tissue engineering because of their ability to retain water, deliver drugs into wounds, and biodegrade. However, they are complicated to manufacture and not very resilient to external...
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AAPM Receives a $250,000 Funding Award for Project on Communicating Radiation Risk in Medicine

An AAPM team has received a $250,000 Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to fund a project titled “Radiation risk in medicine: Identifying and enabling patient-provider shared...
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New Ultrasound Technology May Revolutionize Respiratory Disease Diagnoses

By evaluating sound vibrations produced by the airflow induced within the lungs and bronchial tree during normal breathing as well as those produced by the larynx during vocalizations, doctors can identify potential disease-related abnormalities...
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Ultrablack Coating Could Make Next-Gen Telescopes Even Better

For telescopes operating in the vacuum of space, or optical equipment in extreme environments, existing coatings are often insufficient. In the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology Aresearchers in China turned to atomic layer deposition and...
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Fresh Meat: New Biosensor Accurately and Efficiently Determines Meat Freshness

Despite the technological advances keeping meat fresh for as long as possible, certain aging processes are unavoidable. Adenosine triphosphate is a molecule produced by breathing and responsible for providing energy to cells. When an animal stops...
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Would You Prefer a Mammogram, MRI, or Saliva on a Test Strip?

In JVSTB, researchers report successful results from a hand-held breast cancer screening device that can detect breast cancer biomarkers from a tiny sample of saliva.
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Reconstructing the Acoustics of Notre Dame

The April 15 fire that devastated the roof of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral left many people around the globe wondering whether it’s possible to rebuild it in a way that can recreate the cultural icon’s complex signature acoustics. Six years...
3-May-2019 8:05 AM EDT

The Spin Racket: Ping-Pong Champs Are Intuitive Masters of Fluid Dynamics

Curve balls may help a pitcher strike out batters in baseball; and some nasty spin can make an opponent sweat to return a tennis serve. But more so than in any other ball game, in table tennis – where the ball is so light and so small –dedicated...
8-Aug-2012 10:00 AM EDT

Experts Available: Fluid Dynamics and Ship Experts Discuss the Science of the Costa Concordia

When the cruise liner Costa Concordia drew too close to shore near the Italian island of Giglio, a large rocky outcrop quickly sliced through the ship’s hull. While many questions about the dynamics at play during that disaster remain unanswered,...
27-Feb-2012 8:00 AM EST

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