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Asthma attacks plummeted among Black and hispanic/latinx individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Asthma attacks account for almost 50 percent of the cost of asthma care which totals $80 billion each year in the United States
7-May-2021 11:15 AM EDT Add to Favorites

One in five american adults experience chronic pain

Chronic pain is among the most common chronic conditions in the United States, but estimates of its prevalence and impact vary widely.
20-Apr-2021 4:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Understanding itch: New insights at the intersection of the nervous system & immune system

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis (AD), is sometimes called "the itch that rashes." Often, the itch begins before the rash appears, and, in many cases, the itchiness of the skin condition never really goes away.
2-Apr-2021 10:40 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Nightly sleep of five hours, less, may increase risk of dementia, death among older adults

Sleep and health are inextricably connected.
11-Feb-2021 12:55 PM EST Add to Favorites

Vaccine delivered via skin could help in fight against respiratory diseases

Among infectious diseases that have caused pandemics and epidemics, smallpox stands out as a success story. Smallpox vaccination led to the disease's eradication in the twentieth century.
27-Jan-2021 1:30 PM EST Add to Favorites

Nanoparticle drug-delivery system developed to treat brain disorders

Use of the delivery system in mouse models results in unprecedented siRNA penetration across the intact blood brain barrier
4-Jan-2021 10:40 AM EST Add to Favorites

Mediterranean diet tied to 30 percent risk reduction for diabetes in Women's Health Study

The Mediterranean (MED) diet -- rich in olive oil, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds -- is a recommended way to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other adverse health outcomes.
19-Nov-2020 2:40 PM EST Add to Favorites

Vitamin D supplements may reduce risk of developing advanced cancer

For many years, investigators have been trying to pin down the tantalizing connection between vitamin D and cancer.
18-Nov-2020 3:15 PM EST Add to Favorites

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