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Big Astronomy Planetarium Program and Online Activities Go Live!

Big Astronomy or Astronomia a Gran Escala is a bilingual planetarium show that extends beyond the dome using web-based and hands-on resources. In Big Astronomy, discover Chile’s grand observatories and meet the people who push the limits of...
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A White Dwarf’s Surprise Planetary Companion

For the first time, an intact, giant exoplanet has been discovered orbiting close to a white dwarf star. This discovery shows that it is possible for Jupiter-sized planets to survive their star’s demise and settle into close orbits around the...
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NSO Astronomers to play key role in two new spacecraft mission concept studies

Astronomers from NSF’s National Solar Observatory (NSO) will play important roles in two of five concept studies recently announced by NASA. These five endeavors have each been granted $1.25 million by the Heliophysics division of NASA to...
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A Dizzying Show by Comet NEOWISE

When Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) sped through the inner Solar System during the middle of 2020, astronomers and the general public watched in awe as this “dirty snowball” shed gas and dust into space, producing a striking show visible to the naked...
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Cool New Worlds Found in Our Cosmic Backyard

How complete is our census of the Sun’s closest neighbors? Astronomers using NSF’s NOIRLab facilities and a team of data-sleuthing volunteers participating in Backyard Worlds: Planet 9, a citizen science project, have discovered roughly 100 cool...
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Astronomers Sink Their Teeth Into Special Supernova

Astronomers using several telescopes at NOIRLab, including the Southern Astrophysical Research (SOAR) Telescope, have obtained critical data on a particular type of exploding star that produces copious amounts of calcium. The calcium produced in...
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Surprisingly Dense Exoplanet Challenges Planet Formation Theories

New detailed observations with NSF’s NOIRLab facilities reveal a young exoplanet, orbiting a young star in the Hyades cluster, that is unusually dense for its size and age. Weighing in at 25 Earth-masses, and slightly smaller than Neptune, this...
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Dr. Thomas Rimmele, Director of NSF’s Inouye Solar Telescope, Named One of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business

Dr. Thomas Rimmele from the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) National Solar Observatory joins the 11th annual list of awardees from such companies as Netflix, Google, and Patagonia, as well as institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and...
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Sunspot cycle is stabilizing, according to worldwide panel of experts

A consortium of solar science experts, including Dr. Gordon Petrie of the NSF’s National Solar Observatory, declared consensus on the next solar cycle. The astronomers predict the next solar cycle will be very similar to the last one.
17-Sep-2020 12:40 PM EDT

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