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Fermilab presents: March Magnets

Missing March Madness? Let Fermilab fill a small part of the void created in these times of social distancing and shelter-in-place. Participate in Fermilab’s sendup of the NCAA tournament: March Magnets. Learn about eight different types of...
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The power of attraction: magnets in particle accelerators

Accelerator magnets — how do they work? Depending on the number of poles a magnet has, it bends, shapes or shores up the stability of particle beams as they shoot at velocities close to the speed of light. Experts design magnets so they can wield...
19-Mar-2020 1:20 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Three national laboratories achieve record magnetic field for accelerator focusing magnet

Fermilab, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have achieved a milestone in magnet technology. Earlier this year, their new magnet reached the highest field strength ever recorded for an accelerator focusing...
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Quantum and accelerator science enable mysterious dark sector searches at Fermilab

Fermilab technology developed for particle accelerators offers a valuable opportunity to search for a hypothesized particle that would resemble a particle of light. These dark photons could help us understand the large part of our universe that we...
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Fermilab, UNICAMP and São Paulo Research Foundation collaborate on major international projects for neutrino research

Under a new agreement, the University of Campinas and the São Paulo Research Foundation will play important roles in the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility and the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, hosted by Fermilab.
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Innovative ANNIE sees first neutrinos, with more “firsts” to come

The groundbreaking ANNIE experiment at Fermilab has seen its first neutrino events. This milestone heralds the start of an ambitious program in neutrino physics and detector technology development. It is also a cause for celebration by the...
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They are there and they are gone: ICARUS chases a fourth neutrino

Scientists have begun filling the ICARUS detector at Fermilab with liquid argon, moving one step closer toward neutrino oscillation measurements and the potential discovery of sterile neutrinos.
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Twenty-fifth anniversary of the discovery of the top quark at Fermilab

Twenty-five years ago, scientists on the CDF and DZero particle physics experiments at Fermilab announced one of history’s biggest breakthroughs in particle physics: the discovery of the long-sought top quark. The two collaborations jointly made...
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