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Muon g-2 doubles down with latest measurement, explores uncharted territory in search of new physics

Scientists working on Fermilab’s Muon g-2 experiment released the world’s most precise measurement yet of the magnetic moment of the muon, bringing particle physics closer to the ultimate showdown between theory and experiment that may uncover...
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Dark SRF experiment at Fermilab demonstrates ultra-sensitivity for dark photon searches

Scientists working on the Dark SRF experiment at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory have demonstrated unprecedented sensitivity in an experimental setup used to search for theorized particles called dark photons.
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Contract awarded for acquisition of large cryogenic system for DUNE detectors in South Dakota

The cryogenic plant, to be installed a mile underground, will provide the cooling for two large liquid-argon neutrino detectors for the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.
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What Does the Standard Model Predict for the Magnetic Moment of the Muon?

A large number of scientists are working on improving the Standard Model prediction of the value of muon g-2 using new data and new lattice calculations. By measuring and calculating this number to ultra-high precision, scientists can test whether...
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DOE Deputy Secretary Turk, Gov. Pritzker, local legislators unveil new buildings to advance science at Fermilab

DOE Office of Science officials, Gov. Pritzker and other local legislators joined international partners and collaborators and at Fermilab for the opening of two new buildings and the groundbreaking of another to usher in a new era of science.
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DUNE collaboration tests new technology for second detector module

Scientists working on the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment are developing a vertical drift detector. The new technology may open doors to building large neutrino detectors at a lower cost and in a simpler manner.
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DUNE collaboration ready to ramp up mass production for first detector module

The international DUNE collaboration is conducting final tests of the components for its first neutrino detector module, to be installed a mile underground in South Dakota. Preparations for ramping up the mass production of these components are...
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Listening to the radio on the far side of the moon

LuSEE-Night will demonstrate whether an experiment to search for ancient radio signals can survive the moon...
26 Sep 2023

Tending to a giant

In a race against the clock, CERN engineers and technicians pulled together to find and fix a leak inside t...
25 Sep 2023

CERN moves forward with support for Fermilab-hosted neutrino experiment, DUNE

Building upon agreements signed in 2017 and 2021, the new signing with Fermilab details CERN’s contributi...
25 Sep 2023

What is neutral naturalness?

Indirectly testing this theory, motivated by the mysterious mass of the Higgs boson, could be within reach ...
19 Sep 2023

SLAC fires up the world’s most powerful X-ray laser: LCLS-II ushers in a new era of science

With up to a million X-ray flashes per second, 8,000 times more than its predecessor, it transforms the abi...
18 Sep 2023

Fermilab engages in cross-lab entrepreneurial SPIN program

The University of Chicago program brings business principles and problem-solving to science collaborations ...
14 Sep 2023

Imagining the future of gravitational-wave research

To understand why scientists are excited about detecting a new background, just look to the history of stud...
13 Sep 2023

High school students working with Argonne and Fermilab compete in the NAACP’s academic olympics

Under mentorship from Argonne and Fermilab experts, six high school students participated in the Afro-Acade...
11 Sep 2023

Marcela Carena recognized as one of Crain’s Chicago Business’ Notable Women in STEM

The business publication features industry and community leaders as part of its Notable Recognition program...
05 Sep 2023

Rap with an undercurrent of particle physics

UK musician Consensus spins the big ideas of physics into rap and hip-hop tracks. The post ...
05 Sep 2023



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