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Complement genes add to sex-based vulnerability in lupus and schizophrenia

Variants in a gene of the human immune system cause men and women to have different vulnerabilities to the autoimmune diseases lupus and Sjögren’s syndrome, according to findings published in the journal Nature. The gene variants are a member of...
19-May-2020 7:10 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Sculptor designs, builds ‘interactive contraptions’ from everyday materials to simulate human connections

Even in isolation, Stacey Holloway can hold a hand, receive a swift kiss on the cheek or give a high-five. She can offer a nose rub, just like the ones she shares with her mother. She just does them all alone — that is, if you don’t count the...
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Precision medicine guides choice of better drug therapy in severe heart disease

Is personalized medicine cost-effective? Researchers have answered that question for one medical treatment, genotype-guided antiplatelet therapy for acute coronary syndrome patients with PCI. Their study uses pharmacogenomics and economic analysis...
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Surplus antioxidants are pathogenic for hearts and skeletal muscle

Oxidative stress can be pathological. Now researchers report that the other end of the redox spectrum, reductive stress, is also pathological. Reductive stress causes pathological heart enlargement and diastolic dysfunction in a mouse model.
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Keeping your eyes healthy during the coronavirus pandemic

Experts from UAB’s School of Optometry and UAB Callahan Eye Hospital and Clinics provide guidance for keeping your eyes safe during the coronavirus pandemic.
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How high school seniors can navigate uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic

Angela Stowe, Ph.D., has advice for students leaving high school, and those about to start college, on bringing closure to their K-12 experience and preparing to move forward with their lives.For high school seniors bound for college, the COVID-19...
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Individualized mosaics of microbial strains transfer from the maternal to the infant gut

A microbiome “fingerprint” method shows that an individualized mosaic of microbial strains is transmitted to the infant gut microbiome from a mother giving vaginal birth. The study analyzed existing metagenomic databases of fecal samples from...
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Smartphone-based automated contact tracing: Is it possible to balance privacy, accuracy and security?

UAB professor, Nitesh Saxena, Ph.D., explains the context of contact tracing and how it will help the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
7-May-2020 2:25 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Expert available: Women facing heart ailments prescribed medication less than men

26-May-2020 11:45 AM EDT

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Making the Most of Your Groceries During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tara Harman, RDN, has tips on how to stretch your groceries while saving money.
14-Apr-2020 4:00 PM EDT

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COVID-19: Do not forget the host in treating this disease

From reading the literature primarily out of China, many of the severely ill coronavirus-infected patients appear to have clinical and laboratory features of a cytokine storm syndrome, or CSS, which is frequently fatal.
16-Mar-2020 3:35 PM EDT

Cast your ballot, not your germs

Polling locations across the country employ different methods of casting ballots, like using pens, felt-tip markers or touch screens — all hotbeds for germs.
2-Mar-2020 4:20 PM EST

How to prepare in the event of a pandemic

UAB experts provide tips for you to prepare yourself in the event of the spread of COVID-19.
27-Feb-2020 5:30 PM EST

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UAB experts involved with COVID-19 vaccine research available to comment on outbreak, what's being reported, where concerns lie

18-Feb-2020 12:45 PM EST

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Infectious disease expert able to discuss coronavirus

21-Jan-2020 4:40 PM EST

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5 ways to be a healthy holiday party pro

Lavish get-togethers with delicious treats by the sleigh-full will abound, but will that cause your waistline to bulge as well?
17-Dec-2019 10:10 AM EST

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