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Special unit will treat nursing home patients with COVID-19 in Jefferson County

UAB will establish a special 25-bed unit to treat patients from nursing home facilities who have COVID-19. The unit will isolate nursing home residents who test positive and are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic, while providing the appropriate...
8-Jul-2020 3:40 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Louis Justement and Mary-Ann Bjornsti begin leadership roles at FASEB

Immunologist Louis Justement, Ph.D., begins his term as president of the largest coalition of biological and biomedical research associations in the United States, FASEB.
1-Jul-2020 2:50 PM EDT Add to Favorites

UAB doctor shares her experience treating coronavirus patients in New York

Winter volunteered to treat patients at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center.
25-Jun-2020 6:25 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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The Parkinson’s disease gut has an overabundance of opportunistic pathogens

A 2003 hypothesis says Parkinson’s disease is caused by a gut pathogen that could spread to the brain through the nervous system. No evidence was found until now; researchers report for the first time a significant overabundance of a cluster of...
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Genetic rescue of SHANK3 is potential therapy in rare forms of autism spectrum disorder

A mouse study by Craig Powell, M.D., Ph.D., and colleagues suggests that early genetic rescue may be a potential therapy in autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. Powell looked at one gene called SHANK3, whose alteration is seen in about 0.5 percent of...
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Story of jailed 17th-century Iberian “mulatto pilgrim” told in new book by John K. Moore Jr.

The book tells the story of a man jailed for impersonating a priest in 1693 Spain, when he was likely trying to escape racial persecution. It gives readers a fascinating look at a centuries-old legal case against a man on pilgrimage and shows how...
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“Prescribing Art” course teaches med students to recognize bias and better address racial disparities

Can art help doctors better understand their patients and address racial disparities? An innovative collaboration at the University of Alabama at Birmingham uses art to help medical students hone their observational skills, in order to make more...
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Retinitis Pigmentosa Research Probes Role of the Enzyme DHDDS in This Genetic Disease

Researchers who made a knock-in mouse-model of the genetic disorder retinitis pigmentosa 59, or RP59, expected to see retinal degeneration and retinal thinning. They surprisingly found none, calling into question the commonly accepted — though...
11-Jun-2020 3:45 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Fireworks safety and your eyes during COVID-19

30-Jun-2020 6:20 PM EDT

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Saharan dust: Cause for concern?

18-Jun-2020 12:05 PM EDT

Is a summer vacation safe for your family?

Destinations are opening up for summer vacation, but does that mean it is safe to travel with your family? The most important consideration while traveling during COVID-19 is weighing the risk, says Curry Bordelon III, DNP, assistant professor in...
17-Jun-2020 3:30 PM EDT

Caring for Your Loved Ones with COVID-19 at Home

UAB expert provides practical ways you can care for your loved ones who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 at home.Much has been reported about some of the most severe cases of COVID-19, but what about those who may be experiencing mild or lesser...
11-Jun-2020 12:05 PM EDT

Expert available: Women facing heart ailments prescribed medication less than men

26-May-2020 11:45 AM EDT

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Making the Most of Your Groceries During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tara Harman, RDN, has tips on how to stretch your groceries while saving money.
14-Apr-2020 4:00 PM EDT

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COVID-19: Do not forget the host in treating this disease

From reading the literature primarily out of China, many of the severely ill coronavirus-infected patients appear to have clinical and laboratory features of a cytokine storm syndrome, or CSS, which is frequently fatal.
16-Mar-2020 3:35 PM EDT

Cast your ballot, not your germs

Polling locations across the country employ different methods of casting ballots, like using pens, felt-tip markers or touch screens — all hotbeds for germs.
2-Mar-2020 4:20 PM EST

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