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Gamified education keeps kids connected to STEM

Gamified education could be the key to boosting STEM capabilities in primary school students as new research from the University of South Australia shows that it can improve spatial reasoning skills and shape positive attitudes towards STEM and...
11-Aug-2022 11:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Reframe the Pain: Reducing Needle Anxiety in Children

New research from the University of South Australia shows that children’s vaccination and needle fear can be lessened when nurses spend additional time supporting children in the vaccination process.
11-Aug-2022 8:10 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Tiny Optical Sensors Could Put an End to Hospital Bed Sores

Millions of older hospital patients and nursing home residents suffer excruciating bed sores each year, some of which are fatal. Now, new research led by the University of South Australia could put an end to that with the development of tiny smart...
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Down on Vitamin D? It could be the cause of chronic inflammation

World-first genetic research from the University of South Australia shows a direct link between low levels of vitamin D and high levels of inflammation, providing an important biomarker to identify people at higher risk of or severity of chronic...
7-Aug-2022 2:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Pandemic has put long-haul pilots in a stressful tailspin

Stress levels among commercial airline pilots have skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, putting their mental health at risk, according to a new study by the University of South Australia.
2-Aug-2022 9:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Pain, Pain Go Away, Help Our Children Run and Play

Like it or not, bumps and bruises are an unavoidable part of childhood. But while no parent wants their child to feel pain, teaching children about pain when they’re young can help them better understand and respond to pain when they’re older.
31-Jul-2022 11:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Wearing Your Fitness on Your Sleeve Is Great for the Heart

New findings from Australian researchers have endorsed what millions of people around the world believe: fitness trackers, pedometers and smart watches motivate us to exercise more and lose weight.
19-Jul-2022 9:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Anti-Rejection Medication and Immunotherapy Kicks Cancer and Protects Kidney Transplants

Adding immunotherapy to standard anti-rejection medication could change the lives of thousands of kidney transplant patients with incurable cancer, as new research shows it can reduce this risk of organ rejection and eliminate cancer in a quarter of...
18-Jul-2022 1:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Sleep Maximizes Vaccine Effectiveness

12-Mar-2021 8:05 AM EST

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Flexible Work: Likely or Lip Service Beyond Pandemic?

Flexible work has always been a drawcard for employees, but while managers have typically been reluctant to embrace flexible work arrangements, University of South Australia researchers warn that the topic is likely to become front and centre as...
9-Jun-2020 8:05 PM EDT

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Self-regulation for kids: at home, at school and with autism

As every teacher will assert, self-regulation is the key to optimal learning; it helps kids tune in, stay focussed and be ready to learn. But what if your child isn’t wired this way? For many children, self-regulation is hard to master, but for...
1-Apr-2020 8:30 AM EDT

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Kids Need Calm Not Chaos Amid Covid-19

Elbow bumps in lieu of high-fives, segregated lunchtimes and hyper hand hygiene ¬– they’re are all a part of our children’s new reality in response to Covid-19. But while kids are seemingly adapting well to the changes, University of South...
24-Mar-2020 9:00 AM EDT

Children starting school? Don't stop the bedtime story.

24-Jan-2019 10:05 PM EST

Doing School Differently

Alternative schooling programs could deliver greater learning outcomes for young people who are struggling at school, according to University of South Australia researcher, Dr Thomas Stehlik.
22-Jul-2018 10:05 PM EDT

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Gamified education keeps kids connected to STEM

'Desert Cat' - one of the animals designed in the Awesome Animals Challenge: an animal that could survive in t...
11 Aug 2022

Get a taste of Uni life and your unstoppable career at UniSA Open Day

Watch our trained outdoor education students abseil down the Bradley Building from 11am-1pm. Students can get ...
12 Aug 2022

Reframe the pain: reducing needle anxiety in children

Tears, tantrums, and distress – when it comes to needles, many children are fearful. But with vaccinatio...
11 Aug 2022

Aboriginal homelessness requires a different cultural approach

The 155-page report recommends a different approach to tackling homelessness in Aboriginal urban communities. ...
09 Aug 2022

Tiny optical sensors could put an end to hospital bed sores

Smart bed sensors embedded in hospital mattresses could stop pressure sores. Tiny smart bed sensors embedded i...
09 Aug 2022

Author Jennifer Mills to deliver second session in speaker series Writing, Gender and the Natural World

Author Jennifer Mills On Thursday 18 August , UniSA’s Creative People, Products and Places (CP3) Researc...
08 Aug 2022

Down on Vitamin D? It could be the cause of chronic inflammation

Inflammation is an essential part of the body's healing process. But when it persists, it can contribute to a ...
07 Aug 2022

UniSA researcher named Young Tall Poppy for medicine safety research

Dr Renly Lim is a Young Tall Poppy of Science for 2022. Research into medicine safety and the ability to commu...
04 Aug 2022

Pandemic has put long-haul pilots in a stressful tailspin

The pandemic has sent stress levels skyrocketing among commercial airline pilots. Stress levels among commerci...
02 Aug 2022

Pain, pain go away, help our children run and play

Like it or not, bumps and bruises are an unavoidable part of childhood. But while no parent wants their child ...
31 Jul 2022

UniSA supports efforts to boost health workforce

Premier Peter Malinauskas and Minister for Health and Wellbeing Chris Picton at UniSA’s Horizon Hospital...
26 Jul 2022

World first experiment using drones for wildlife health checks

A University of South Australia PhD student can now add ‘world first’ to her CV after collaboratin...
21 Jul 2022

Wearing your fitness on your sleeve is great for the heart

Wearable fitness trackers encourage people to walk up to 40 minutes more each day. New findings from Australia...
19 Jul 2022

Anti-rejection medication and kidney transplants

Adding immunotherapy to standard anti-rejection medication could change the lives of thousands of kidney trans...
17 Jul 2022

Embrace technology and boost education outcomes

There’s no doubt that education lays the foundation for a child’s future success, but as teaching ...
12 Jul 2022

Writing, Gender and the Natural World – Six-part speaker series featuring nine of Australia’s top writers

Eileen Chong will feature as part of the Writing, Gender and the Natural World series. On Wednesday 27 July , ...
12 Jul 2022

Improving access to financial planning to benefit lower income groups

Professor Chandra Krishnamurti (right) and Lecturer in Financial Planning and Director of GAP Financial, Geoff...
11 Jul 2022

How dads can use ‘kangaroo care’ to bond with their infants

Joel Mackenzie in the NICU at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide, providing kangaroo care with hi...
11 Jul 2022

Smart research to ensure SA Water employee safety

SA Water staff from the Kadina Depot who will be monitored by UniSA researchers. An innovative safety initiati...
08 Jul 2022

Long term high-fat diet expands waistline and shrinks brain

A high-fat diet over a long time can damage your brain as well as lead to obesity. New research shows that fat...
07 Jul 2022

Stopping family violence starts with protecting our children

Breaking the intergenerational cycle of abuse is paramount, but unless substantial funding and resources are r...
30 Jun 2022

Australia is high on ice, eclipsing 24 other countries

Australia has the highest reported methamphetamine (ice) use per capita in the world, according to the latest ...
29 Jun 2022

Learning from Leeton: how a rural town has rolled out the welcome mat and helped refugees find their feet

The NSW country town of Leeton is about as far removed as possible from Afghanistan – geographically, cu...
28 Jun 2022

Cheers! Here’s to the health-conscious youth

Young consumers are happy to pay more for a healthy drink. As the restaurant sector shifts back into gear, cat...
28 Jun 2022

Urgent changes needed to ‘unfair, expensive’ refugee visas

Since 2012, 31,000 asylum seekers in Australia have lived in a state of uncertainty. UniSA academics have call...
27 Jun 2022

End-of-life plan needed for tens of thousands of wind turbine blades

A new study led by the University of South Australia indicates tens of thousands of wind turbine blades will e...
22 Jun 2022

A simple tool to make websites more secure and curb hacking

Cybercrime cost the world $6 trillion in 2021, partly due to website vulnerabilities. An international team of...
21 Jun 2022

Sports, not screens: the key to happier, healthier children

Whether it’s sports practice, music lessons or a casual catch up with friends, when children are involve...
20 Jun 2022

Rural communities under-resourced to take on refugees

As Australia continues to take on refugees from Ukraine, education experts are calling for essential supports ...
16 Jun 2022

When it comes to ADHD and ASD, the eyes could reveal all

It’s often said that ‘the eyes tell it all’, but no matter what their outward expression, th...
16 Jun 2022

Older Australians need more financial support amid pandemic

Financial experts are encouraging pre-retirees to sharpen their financial skills as a new report from the Univ...
14 Jun 2022

Vitamin D deficiency leads to dementia

Dementia is one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people worldwide, affecting think...
13 Jun 2022

Researchers on a mission to block rogue melanoma protein

Professor Claudine Bonder Despite years of skin cancer warnings, Australia continues to hold the unenviable re...
13 Jun 2022

Beetroot boosts sporting performance in athletes

It’s the bright-red root veggie more often found in a borsht than a breakfast smoothie, but the humble b...
07 Jun 2022

Grandparent ‘child care’ a win across generations

As parents struggle to juggle work and family commitments, early childhood education experts are encouraging A...
06 Jun 2022

Allergy medication and bleach responsible for traces of designer drug found in South Australia’s water catchments

Nasal and sinus medications are responsible for traces of methcathinone in SA water. A new study reporting sma...
06 Jun 2022

Eco-friendly policies could entice workers back to the office

Climate change took centre stage at Australia’s recent Federal election with many voters using their bal...
01 Jun 2022

The mindful way to manage stress among elite athletes

J ust like the saying, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’, elite athletes are known ...
01 Jun 2022

Human trafficking myths exploded: women offend too, and it’s happening in our own back yard

A new study has exploded four common myths around human trafficking in Australia, debunking the perception tha...
31 May 2022

A wet nose and a wagging tail opens a new world for autistic kids

James King (as a young boy) pictured with Winter, his trusted assistance dog. A new Australian study looking a...
29 May 2022

The road to success when it comes to flood mitigation

Flooded roads could be mitigated thanks to an innovative solution from UniSA engineers Australia has experienc...
24 May 2022

UniSA wins prestigious award for innovative social enterprise project in Africa

The University of South Australia’s contribution to an international social enterprise project, which ha...
19 May 2022

The numbers don’t lie: Australia is failing at maths and we need to find a new formula to arrest the decline

Divide, subtract, add, multiply: whatever way you cut it, Australia is heading in one direction when it comes ...
16 May 2022

UniSA blasts off on $180 million space hub mission

UniSA will develop a satellite “selfie-stick” to improve ground observation and communications wit...
15 May 2022

High rents, low incomes and soaring property prices leave 6000 homeless in SA

A research report released by the University of South Australia (UniSA) and Believe Housing Australia , highli...
12 May 2022

Fast-tracked: First in-human trial for aggressive brain tumours

A novel technology designed to precisely image aggressive brain cancers and guide treatment is being developed...
11 May 2022

Fashion faux pas: fashion trends are costing the environment

From balaclavas to cowgirl hats - and even the return of low-rise jeans - whatever the latest trends, they&rsq...
10 May 2022

Meet Clive, UniSA’s first quadruped robot

Meet Clive, UniSA’s first off-the-shelf quadruped robot who joins the UniSA STEM academic unit with an e...
10 May 2022

Poor eyesight unfairly mistaken for brain decline

Poor eyesight is often mistakenly conflated with brain decline Millions of older people with poor vision are a...
09 May 2022

Major discovery provides new hope for blood cancer patients

Acute myeloid leukaemia kills most patients within five years. South Australian scientists have made a signifi...
08 May 2022

Industry and research join forces to tackle $283 billion antimicrobial resistance threat to Australia

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the most serious threats facing Australia today. A new partnership to impro...
05 May 2022

In-house pharmacists essential for aged care

60 per cent of residents had problems with their medicines Medicines are the most common treatments used in he...
04 May 2022

Mental illness plays havoc with blood pressure and heart rate

University of South Australia scientists have uncovered another reason why society should be paying more atten...
03 May 2022

$10 million investment fuels promising treatments for inflammatory lung disease

Professor Stuart Pitson A UniSA world leader in inflammatory cell signalling, Professor Stuart Pitson , will d...
02 May 2022

Hydroponic native plants to detox PFAS-contaminated water

PFAS can be removed from contaminated water by Australian native rushes. They’re the non-stick on Teflon...
01 May 2022

Could exercise counteract cardiotoxic chemotherapy for women with breast cancer?

Exercise is used to promote breast cancer awareness in many events around the world.  When you’re a...
29 Apr 2022

Hype up fitness to support kids’ health post-lockdowns

When COVID-19 hit the UK, outdoor playgrounds closed, and outdoor exercise was limited to one hour per day. As...
27 Apr 2022

Immersive VR: empowering kids to survive in fire, flood, and war

When you live in the driest State in the driest country in the world, bushfires are an unfortunate, and all-to...
26 Apr 2022

In reality, escapist fiction could be what the doctor orders

As celebrated author Neil Gaiman testifies, books are the best place to bury your head when life gets too hard...
26 Apr 2022

New fitness tracker keeps pace for Aussie cricketers

West End Redback cricketers training at Adelaide Oval. When you’re an elite athlete, every advantage cou...
12 Apr 2022

UniSA honours two trailblazing entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneur and activist Ronni Kahn and property developer and business leader Shaun Bonétt wil...
11 Apr 2022

Australia-India Grant to research new critical minerals extraction tech.

They’re the driving force behind electric vehicles, renewable energy generation and crucial to the manuf...
05 Apr 2022

Meddle: the medical Wordle that’s boosting mental health

Meddle word game - It’s the phenomenon that’s taken over the world, but wh...
05 Apr 2022

Mind the gap with endometriosis: sufferers face unexpected costs

800,000 Australians suffer from endometriosis, taking an average 6.5 years to diagnose A new study released by...
04 Apr 2022

Who you know can make or break employment opportunities for African migrants

Racial hierarchies and a lack of the ‘right sort’ of social connections are hindering African-born...
30 Mar 2022

From lab to slab

Approximately 1.5 billion vehicle tyres are discarded each year. A novel approach to rubber recycling could se...
29 Mar 2022

UniSA partners with industry to remotely power into space

UniSA materials scientists Professor Drew Evans and   Dr Roya Rudd will play a key role in an ambitious n...
28 Mar 2022

The top 10 unanswered questions about medicines for people living with dementia

Timothy and Ann Pietsch pictured with Dr Emily Reeve. Up to 93 per cent of people living with dementia have ex...
22 Mar 2022

Neighbourhoods feeling the heat as medium density housing robs suburbs of street and garden trees

Trees should be mandated in new housing developments say UniSA researchers. New housing subdivisions, smaller ...
21 Mar 2022

Rare genetic anomaly linked to 20% of childhood Acute Myeloid Leukemia cases

Little Charlie, who  died of AML at just age three. It’s a diagnosis you never want to hear: Acute ...
20 Mar 2022

Hoverfly visual systems mapped to detect sound of distant drones

For the first time, Australian researchers have reverse engineered the visual systems of hoverflies to detect ...
14 Mar 2022

Stealth nanomedicines combat cancer and cut toxic effects of chemo

Nanomedicines – typically drugs hidden within nanoscopic fatty membranes (‘ liposomes ’) &nd...
09 Mar 2022

Reading builds resilience among at-risk kids

Reading aloud  can triple a child's resilience at school, especially for kids at risk. As children settle...
07 Mar 2022

A cracker new study to egg-cite egg lovers

Boiled, scrambled, or fried, if you’re an egg lover, a better breakfast is hard to beat. But with eggs o...
20 Mar 2022

Work, sex, swimming and fit bands: all safe for dialysis patients

Dialysis patient Dean Churcham demonstrates the benefits of regular exercise. On dialysis for kidney failure a...
06 Mar 2022

Weighing up: What’s the bottom line when it comes to weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, many of us have dabbled in the latest diets. But whether you’re cutting ca...
02 Mar 2022

Stillbirth and chronic disease link identified in world first discovery

In a world first discovery, South Australian researchers have identified a genetic mutation responsible for a ...
02 Mar 2022

A digital future keeps arts alive amid uncertainty

'Airship Orchestra' at the Adeaide Lights Festival. Credit: Frankie The Creative  As arts and culture tak...
22 Feb 2022

European Union awards UniSA prestigious Centre of Excellence

Professor Anthony Elliott The University of South Australia  has been awarded a prestigious Jean Mon...
21 Feb 2022

$3.7m boost to UniSA's aged care training in Port Lincoln

UniSA allied health students will benefit from specialist aged care training facilities. The Federal Governmen...
20 Feb 2022

Life on the land can be tough, but online tool helps farmers cope with factors beyond their control

Australian farmers now have an online tool to help improve their wellbeing. Australian farmers are known for b...
20 Feb 2022

Forget handheld virtual reality controllers: a smile, frown or clench will suffice

Different facial expressions can now manipulate objects in a VR setting. Our face can unlock a smartphone, pro...
17 Feb 2022

The challenge of providing good service while social distancing

Social distancing can be difficult in service settings. If you’re dining out this Valentine’s Day,...
10 Feb 2022

Spotlight on the unseen: MOD. launches new exhibition Invisibility

What do we miss when we’re not looking? Who are the people we don’t notice? What are the environme...
07 Feb 2022

Novel study to help kids with severe epilepsy

New research from the University of South Australia could deliver a breakthrough for children suffering one of...
06 Feb 2022

The secret lives of bats reveal botanical mysteries

Mature Dillenia biflora flower with corolla removed by hand, exposing the pollen-filled anthers. Photo copyrig...
03 Feb 2022

Not living the dream

Contradictory government policies are creating intergenerational inequity as new research from the University ...
02 Feb 2022

Pets in aged care homes makes paw-fect sense with new tool

Australia has launched a new online tool to assess whether individual pets can safely be accommodated in aged ...
01 Feb 2022

Novel biomarkers help decode metastatic breast cancer

Human breast cancer tissue sample: the blue is the nuclear stain that shows DNA of the cells. The red shows th...
01 Feb 2022

‘Mozzie Monitors’ kicks off monster mosquito season

As La Niña continues to deliver wet, humid weather, UniSA scientists are warning that we should be...
30 Jan 2022

Prioritise children’s wellbeing amid a COVID return to school

As a split return to school remains on the cards for South Australian families, early childhood experts are en...
24 Jan 2022

Sleep routines set kids up for success at school

Late night movies, gaming marathons and impromptu sleepovers may have featured over the holidays, but as we ne...
23 Jan 2022

SA leads on green energy with new project to benefit industry

Professor Drew Evans who will lead the UniSA project in collaboration with PhosEnergy. A thermovoltaic device ...
19 Jan 2022

Scientists prove that deadly gene has jumped from a harmless organism to a nasty pathogen

  Pseudomonas aeruginosa , an organism responsible for thousands of deaths University of South Australia ...
17 Jan 2022

Citizen science helps nurture our health through nature

From lifting our moods, to boosting our immune systems, the intrinsic health benefits of being in nature are w...
13 Jan 2022

UniSA prepares for perfect landing with second simulator

The cockpit of an Airbus 320 jetliner Aviation students at the University of South Australia will be flying hi...
12 Jan 2022

Algorithm helps robots avoid obstacles in their path

The future: Service robots able to navigate their way without colliding with people If you’ve ever order...
09 Jan 2022

Power consumption off the rails? Smart scheduling can help conserve energy

UniSA technology is being deployed on high-speed trains worldwide. If you’ve ever taken a high-speed tra...
05 Jan 2022

New research to drive advances in neonatal health, architecture, technology, schools and desalination

UniSA has been awarded $2.5 million for ARC Discovery projects to start in 2022. World-leading advances in mea...
03 Jan 2022