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AMSSM Releases Position Statement on Regenerative Medicine in Sports Medicine

The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) has released a position statement on Principles for the Responsible Use of Regenerative Medicine in Sports Medicine.
1-Nov-2021 3:20 PM EDT Add to Favorites

AMSSM Supports Vaccine Requirements for High School and Youth Sports

The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine recently released a statement supporting COVID-19 vaccine requirements for high school and youth sports athletes for those who are eligible.
21-Sep-2021 4:35 PM EDT Add to Favorites

AMSSM Partners with White House and 11 Organizations to Encourage Vaccine Conversations During Sports Physicals

AMSSM and 11 other leading sports and medical organizations signed on to a consensus statement to encourage healthcare providers to include conversations about COVID-19 vaccinations as part of the pre-participation physical.
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AMSSM Announces Launch of Youth Sport Advocacy Toolkit

AMSSM toolkit aims to answer common questions parents have regarding the risks, benefits and appropriate practice habits of sport participation for their young athletes.
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Drs. Robert Dimeff and Kimberly Harmon Receive AMSSM Founders’ Awards

AMSSM Past Presidents Kimberly Harmon, MD, FAMSSM and Robert Dimeff, MD, FAMSSM, both received the Founders’ Award on April 17 during the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) Virtual Annual Meeting.
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2021 Award Winners Announced at 30th AMSSM Annual Meeting

The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine presented the following awards during its 30th Annual Meeting on April 17, 2021.
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AMSSM Awards $300K Research Grant to Study Cardiac Outcomes in Athletes, Including Those Affected by COVID-19

The AMSSM Collaborative Research Network (CRN) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 AMSSM CRN $300K Research Grant. Drs. Jonathan Drezner, Kimberly Harmon and Aaron Baggish will serve as co-principal investigators for their research...
16-Nov-2020 5:40 PM EST Add to Favorites

AMSSM Recognized by President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition as an NYSS Champion to Promote Participation in Youth Sports

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is pleased to recognize the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) as one of the first organizations to join the National Youth Sports Strategy (NYSS) Champions platform.
17-Sep-2020 11:20 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Brain Experts to Help Demystify Difficult Brain and Spine Injuries Next Week at 2014 AMSSM Annual Meeting

Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) and spinal cord injuries are complex problems that can present with a variety of symptoms or sequelae. To help demystify some of the debate which exists surrounding the definition of when concussion becomes...
27-Mar-2014 7:00 AM EDT

David Epstein, New York Times Best-Selling Author of ‘The Sports Gene’, to Deliver Presidential Keynote at 2014 AMSSM Annual Meeting

David Epstein, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Sports Gene, will deliver the Presidential Keynote at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans next week.
26-Mar-2014 3:35 PM EDT

Sports Medicine Physician Experts on Winter Sports Injury Prevention & Treatment to Offer Comments During 2014 Olympic Games

Sports medicine physician members of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM), who are experts in winter sports injury prevention and treatment, are available for interviews during the Olympic Games.
7-Feb-2014 10:00 AM EST

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Concussion Expert Available to Discuss Winter Sports Injuries/Safety

17-Dec-2012 11:00 AM EST

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Concussion Expert Available: 5 Things to Ask Your Doctor if You’ve Been or Think You’ve Been Concussed

12-Dec-2012 3:15 PM EST

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AMSSM is a multi-disciplinary organization of sports medicine physicians dedicated to education, research, advocacy and the care of athletes of all ages. The majority of AMSSM members are primary care physicians with fellowship training and added qualification in sports medicine who then combine their practice of sports medicine with their primary specialty. AMSSM includes members who specialize solely in non-surgical sports medicine and serve as team physicians at the youth level, NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, MLS and NHL, as well as with Olympic and Paralympic teams. By nature of their training and experience, sports medicine physicians are ideally suited to provide comprehensive medical care for athletes, sports teams or active individuals who are simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. www.amssm.org


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