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NOIRLab apoya la Visión del Estudio Decadal

NOIRLab de NSF apoya plenamente la visión científica de Pathways to Discovery in Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 2020s y se une a nuestra comunidad, junto a nuestra organización administradora, AURA, para defender y contribuir a la...
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NOIRLab Response to Astro2020 Decadal Survey

NSF’s NOIRLab fully supports the scientific vision of Pathways to Discovery in Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 2020s and stands ready, along with our managing organization, AURA, to join our community in advocating for and contributing to the...
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Planetas rocosos son más extraños de lo que pensábamos

Un astrónomo de NOIRLab junto a un geólogo de la Universidad Estatal de California, Fresno realizaron el primer estudio de los tipos de rocas que existen en los planetas que orbitan estrellas cercanas. Después de estudiar la composición química...
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Rocky Exoplanets Are Even Stranger Than We Thought

An astronomer from NSF’s NOIRLab has teamed up with a geologist from California State University, Fresno, to make the first estimates of rock types that exist on planets orbiting nearby stars. After studying the chemical composition of...
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National Solar Observatory awarded prestigious Brinson Prize Fellowship

The NSF’s National Solar Observatory, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, announced the receipt of a prestigious Brinson Prize Fellowship from The Brinson Foundation. The award will support a postdoctoral scholar for up to three years starting in...
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Tololo captura una galaxia condenada a desaparecer

Los integrantes del cúmulo galáctico de Fornax protagonizan esta imagen del Telescopio Víctor M. Blanco de 4 metros ubicado en el Observatorio de Cerro Tololo (CTIO) en Chile, un programa de NOIRLab de NSF y observatorio AURA. En ella, la galaxia...
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Plunging into the Furnace

The denizens of the Fornax galaxy cluster populate this image from the Víctor M. Blanco 4-meter Telescope, located in Chile at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO), a Program of NSF’s NOIRLab. The irregular galaxy lurking in the bottom...
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Spectacular Portrait of Centaurus A

A spectacular portrait of the galaxy Centaurus A has been captured by astronomers using the Dark Energy Camera mounted on the Víctor M. Blanco 4-meter Telescope at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile.
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Sunspot cycle is stabilizing, according to worldwide panel of experts

A consortium of solar science experts, including Dr. Gordon Petrie of the NSF’s National Solar Observatory, declared consensus on the next solar cycle. The astronomers predict the next solar cycle will be very similar to the last one.
17-Sep-2020 12:40 PM EDT

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