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El Observatorio Rubin impulsará una nueva era en misiones espaciales sin salir de la tierra

El Observatorio Vera C. Rubin ayudará a los científicos a identificar objetivos intrigantes para dar prioridad a futuras misiones espaciales, mediante la detección de millones de nuevos objetos en el Sistema Solar y revelar, con el mayor detalle...
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Rubin Observatory will Inspire a New Era in Space Missions without Ever Leaving the Ground

Vera C. Rubin Observatory will help scientists identify intriguing targets to prioritize for future space missions by detecting millions of new Solar System objects, and by revealing — in more detail than we’ve ever seen — the broader context...
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The Challenges and Charms of In-Person Observing

NSF’s NOIRLab’s world-class observatories — Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Kitt Peak National Observatory, the International Gemini Observatory, and Vera C. Rubin Observatory — are built in some of the highest and driest locations...
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El fascinante desafío de observar en persona

Los observatorios de clase mundial de NOIRLab de NSF: el Observatorio Cerro Tololo, el Observatorio Nacional Kitt Peak, el Observatorio Internacional Gemini y el Observatorio Vera C. Rubin, están construidos en algunos de los lugares más altos y...
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Journey Through the Universe Celebrates 20 Years of Exploration on Hawai‘i Island

Journey Through the Universe — a partnership between the International Gemini Observatory, operated by NSF’s NOIRLab, and the Hawaiʻi Department of Education Hilo-Waiākea Complex Area — celebrates 20 years of cosmic exploration with...
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Journey Through the Universe celebra 20 años de exploración en la isla de Hawai‘i

Journey Through the Universe: una asociación entre el Observatorio Internacional Gemini, operado por NOIRLab de NSF, y el Departamento de Educación Hilo-Waiākea Complex Area de Hawaiʻi celebra 20 años de exploración cósmica con los...
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Telescopio Gemini Sur en Chile captura imagen de peculiar galaxia enredada en su propia red de brazos polvorientos

La galaxia lenticular NGC 4753 es un objeto realmente extraordinario. Su prominente y compleja red de bandas de polvo que se tuercen alrededor de su núcleo galáctico, define su “peculiar” clasificación y probablemente sea el resultado de una...
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Gemini South Captures Twisted Dusty Disk of NGC 4753, Showcasing the Aftermath of Past Merger

The lenticular galaxy NGC 4753, captured by the Gemini South telescope, one half of the International Gemini Observatory operated by NSF’s NOIRLab, is a truly remarkable object.
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Sunspot cycle is stabilizing, according to worldwide panel of experts

A consortium of solar science experts, including Dr. Gordon Petrie of the NSF’s National Solar Observatory, declared consensus on the next solar cycle. The astronomers predict the next solar cycle will be very similar to the last one.
17-Sep-2020 12:40 PM EDT

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