University of Cincinnati (UC) Academic Health Center

Name and Address
University of Cincinnati (UC) Academic Health Center
News office:
51 Goodman Dr.
Cincinnati OH 45267-0550
United States
Phone news office: 513-558-4553
Phone main: 513-556-6000
Fax news office: 513-558-2910

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healthnews.uc.eduNews Office Website


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Bill Bangert Public Information Officer 513-558-4519
Sherri Kirk Director Corporate Media Relations UC Health Leadership, Surgery, Trauma and Critical Care,Otolaryngology sherri.kirk@uchealth... 513-585-5346
Angela Koenig Public Iinformation Officer Pharmacy Anesthesiology Dermatology Family Medicine OB/GYN Ophthalmology Orthopedics medicine 513-558-4625
Katie Pence Assistant Director Cancer,Cell Biology, Environ Genetics and Molecular Toxicology, Gynecologic and Radiation Oncology. 513-558-4561
Richard Puff Assistant Vice President medical 513-558-0448
Cedric Ricks Public Iinformation Officer 513-558-4657
Alison Sampson Public Information Officer alison.sampson@uc.ed...
Andrea Slesinski

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