Newswise — Bolivia in Crisis: University of Vermont Expert Available to Discuss Uprising and Coup


  • What: Following weeks of deadly protests that led to Evo Morales’ resignation as president of Bolivia on Sunday, Latin American historian, journalist and lecturer at the University of Vermont Benjamin Dangl is available for commentary and analysis of the ongoing “coup” in Bolivia. The situation continues to unfold as Morales seeks asylum in Mexico and Bolivian police and military join protests.
  • Who: Dangl has worked as a journalist throughout Latin America for nearly two decades, covering politics, protest movements and human rights issues. His work focuses on indigenous movements in Bolivia, Latin American politics, natural resource conflicts, and grassroots strategies for social change. His recent book explores 500 years of Bolivian history and activism that paved the way for Evo Morales to become the country’s first indigenous president. Dangl is a lecturer of public communication at the University of Vermont.

    “Many different kinds of coups can take place – civic, military, police. Regardless of what one calls the events of Sunday, the fact remains is that the police and military have now joined forces to repress people. They are calling many of the shots right now,” Dangl tweeted.
  • Where: Phone, email, on-campus
  • When: Nov. 12, 2019 – ongoing