Nyron Crawford, assistant professor of political science at Temple University in Philadelphia, is an expert on scandals, corruption and public opinion. He's available to discuss Hillary Clinton's emails, Clinton Foundation donors, Trump University--and how voters will react to all of these issues.
Here is the advice Crawford would give to the Clinton campaign:
"I’d caution the Secretary against hastily dismissing questions of a potential conflict of interest, as she did in an interview with Anderson Cooper when she said that, 'There’s a lot of smoke, [but] there’s no fire.' In politics, there needn’t be flames. The mere appearance of impropriety can, like smoke, cause serious injury after prolonged exposure."
To schedule a time to speak with Crawford, please contact Ashwin Verghese, associate director of leadership communications, at [email protected], 215-204-7739 (desk) or 717-676-8584 (cell). Photos are available on request.
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