Virginia Tech redistricting expert Nicholas Goedert, who researches gerrymandering, is available to discuss the possible impact of the Wisconsin redistricting case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday. In the past, Goedert’s been quoted in the New York Times MagazineReutersThe Detroit News, WAMU radio, and other outlets.

Quoting Goedert:

“If the Supreme Court agrees with the lower court ruling, it could create some massive changes in how maps are drawn, especially following the 2020 census.  There would be a lot more consideration that legislatures would need to use when redrawing districts.  However, I think that is a less likely outcome, but it’s certainly not an impossible outcome.” 

“There is a very gradual, very slow movement toward states adopting a more non-partisan process when it comes to redistricting. Every couple of years we see a state or two adopting a commission or new constraints designed to make the process more non-partisan.  There is movement in the positive direction.” 

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