As Donald Trump prepares to take the executive reins of power in the United States, how will President Obama manage his final days in office and handle the transition of power?

A Georgia State University expert on lame-duck presidents and executive power is available to discuss what may happen between now and Inauguration Day.

Daniel P. Franklin is an associate professor of political science, and can be reached via email at [email protected].

His direct phone contact information is in the contact box, visible to logged-in registrants of Newswise. For assistance with contacting Franklin, contact Jeremy Craig, public relations coordinator, at [email protected] or 404-413-1374.

Franklin is an expert on executive power, political culture, presidential legacies, and the relationships between the presidency and Congress.

He is the author of “Pitiful Giants: Presidents in their Final Term,” looking at the final terms of recent presidents and their legacies.

This summer, Rowman & Littlefield published a revised edition of his 2006 book, “Politics and Film: Political Culture and Film in the United States.” It explores popular movies and TV shows as indicators of social and political trends to explore the political culture of the U.S., including American Sniper, House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, and Twelve Years a Slave.

More information about Franklin is available at

You may also contact Jeremy Craig at [email protected] or 404-413-1374 for a higher-resolution copy of Franklin's headshot.

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