The University of Notre Dame's George Lopez is available to comment on the escalating tensions in the Middle East. He is an expert on economic sanctions; peacebuilding; human rights; the United Nations; North Korea; and peace studies program development. He can be reached via email at [email protected], or through me. 

Since 1992, Lopez has advised the United Nations, various international agencies, and governments on economic sanctions issues, ranging from assessing their humanitarian impact to the design of targeted financial sanctions. He has written more than 40 articles and book chapters and authored or edited six books (often with Kroc Institute faculty member David Cortright) on sanctions. Lopez and Cortright’s research detailing the unlikely presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was published before the 2003 Iraq War as “Disarming Iraq” in Arms Control Today and after the war as “Containing Iraq: the Sanctions Worked” in Foreign Affairs. In addition to media commentary regarding sanctions issues, Lopez recently has been part of a project on improving targeted financial sanctions convened by the Center for a New American Security.

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