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Researchers develop new method to help investors predict firms’ decision-making, optimize portfolios and generate greater returns

New research from Notre Dame Marketing Professor Andre Martin introduces a novel method to help investors predict myopic marketing spending —reducing marketing as well as research and development expenses to boost earnings, which increases...
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Essays on democracy draw attention to critical threats, explore safeguards ahead of Jan. 6

Shortly after Jan. 6, 2021, when a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol building, the University of Notre Dame’s Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy established the January 6th, 2025, Project, which includes 10 Notre Dame faculty who are...
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Cancer therapies show promise in combating tuberculosis

A study from the University of Notre Dame, Massachusetts General Hospital and the National Institutes of Health has identified a combination of medications that may improve blood flow within granulomas, benefiting drug delivery.
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Notre Dame sends cancer research aboard the International Space Station

University of Notre Dame researchers will gather new insights about cancerous tumors by taking their science to space aboard NASA’s 30th SpaceX commercial resupply services mission.
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Notre Dame literacy research can improve learning outcomes and fight global poverty

A new study by a team of University of Notre Dame researchers makes a significant contribution to understanding the factors that influence how young elementary school students respond to reading interventions in fragile and low-income contexts. The...
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AI among us: Social media users struggle to identify AI bots during political discourse

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame conducted a study using AI bots based on large language models and asked human and AI bot participants to engage in political discourse. Fifty-eight percent of the time, the participants could not identify...
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Notre Dame develops user-friendly platform to access comprehensive nationwide opioid database

To provide a clear picture of opioid manufacture and travel, the University of Notre Dame developed a user-friendly interface to enable public access to more than 10 years of national controlled substance transaction information. This platform makes...
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Researchers use AI, Google Street View to predict household energy costs on large scale

An interdisciplinary team of experts from the University of Notre Dame, in collaboration with the University of Maryland and University of Utah, have found a way to use artificial intelligence to analyze a household’s passive design...
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