University of Notre Dame Associate Professor Victoria Tin-bor Hui is a native of Hong Kong and an expert in contentious politics, particularly in the China-Hong Kong context. She can be reached via email at [email protected]Notre Dame has an on-campus studio so we can easily arrange TV/radio interviews. Journalists may also contact me to arrange an interview: [email protected] or (+1) 574-999-0102.

On Sept. 4, Professor Tin-bor Hui testified at the U.S.-China Econ and Security Review Commission's “U.S.-China Relations in 2019: A Year in Review.” (transcript available).

She has written “Will China Crush the Protests in Hong Kong? Why Beijing Doesn’t Need to Send in the Troops” in Foreign Affairs and “Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement: The Protest and Beyond” in the Journal of Democracy. She also maintains a blog on Hong Kong She has extensively commented on Hong Kong politics in the media including the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, ChinaFile, Foreign Affairs, ABC, the BBC, the New York Times, Time, the Guardian, Bloomberg, Sky News, NPRVox, and the Christian Science Monitor.

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