Newswise — Republicans in Congress released their proposal for the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. Experts from the George Washington University are available to comment on healthcare, healthcare policy, the political ramifications, Congress and the legislative process.

To schedule interviews, contact GW Media Relations at 202-994-6460 or [email protected]. GW’s Flash Studio can accommodate live, remote or taped television and radio interviews.

HealthcareSara Rosenbaum is the Harold and Jane Hirsh Professor of Health Law and Policy. She has worked on expanding access to healthcare for 40 years and can discuss national health reform, the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare and other health policy issues.

Ellen Kurtzman is associate ‎professor in the School of Nursing where she studies the impact of state and federal policy on health care quality and the role of the health care workforce on achieving higher value care. She can discuss health care quality, patient outcomes, performance measurement and transparency, health reform, performance-based payment models, scope of practice and other health policy issues.

Mary Jean Schumann is associate professor of nursing at GW. Dr. Schumann is an expert on the effects of health economics, healthcare financing and reimbursement, federal legislative and regulatory policy and health care delivery systems. She is also available to speak on the impact of various provisions of the Affordable Care Act and other health related policy issues.

Jesse Pines is the director of the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy Research (CHIPR) and a professor of emergency medicine and health policy & management at George Washington University. Dr. Pines is a board-certified emergency physician practicing at GW Hospital with extensive experience in quality improvement, patient safety, operations research and clinical epidemiology.

Leighton Ku is the director of the Center for Health Policy Research and Professor of Health Policy and Management. He is a health policy analyst who recently authored a study on the economic implications of plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He can discuss the ACA, proposals to repeal and replace it, Medicaid as well as other health policy topics.

Political ScienceSarah Binder is a professor of political science. She is an expert on Congress, the legislative process and political parties. She is the author or co-author of four books on Congress, examining partisanship, the filibuster and legislative gridlock.

Public PolicyElizabeth Rigby, an associate professor of public policy and public administration, is an expert in health and social policy. She has written extensively on the politics of the Affordable Care Act and other federal and state programs that impact low-income families. Dr. Rigby can comment on efforts to repeal “Obamacare” and other social programs.