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Released: 3-Apr-2020 8:05 PM EDT
Bubbles and Crashes Author: Investors Can Learn from Luckin Coffee Plunge
University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business

Successful entrepreneurs are good storytellers. But sometimes the story is more fiction than nonfiction. Maryland Smith expert Brent Goldfarb explains the evolution and implications of Luckin Coffee’s fictionalized narrative.

Released: 3-Apr-2020 11:45 AM EDT
Coronavirus outbreak trending topics - See the Coronavirus Channel

Research and experts on the symptoms and spread of COVID-19, impact on global trade and financial markets, public health response, search for an effective treatment, and more

Released: 3-Apr-2020 10:35 AM EDT
Maryland Smith Waives GRE/GMAT for Fall Enrollment
University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business

in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business has implemented a GMAT/GRE waiver process for full-time MBA applications for fall 2020.

Released: 2-Apr-2020 4:45 PM EDT
Could Intermittent Lockdown Save Us - and the Economy - From the Coronavirus?
Weizmann Institute of Science

Weizmann Institute scientists present a mathematical model for an exit strategy: how to restart the economy after the crisis

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