Study shows that news coverage of Clinton’s tweets can influence voters to see her as more likeable – the challenge now is to influence voting behavior.

•As Hilary Clinton prepares to announce her 2016 presidential campaign, a new University of Delaware study shows that television news about her Twitter use can shape viewers’ opinions.

•What matters now for Hilary Clinton is not just how journalists and citizens react to her announcement on social media, but also how more traditional news outlets such as cable news cover her announcement and her use of social media. Only a small percentage of voters directly follow what candidates do on social media, so the potential to reach a wider audience still has to come through other outlets.

•The study, led by Professor Paul Brewer from the University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication suggests that her earlier use of Twitter (specifically, her joining of it) successfully generated TV coverage, and that TV coverage helped her image among viewers.

•The big question for Sunday’s announcement is if she can use social media to generate news coverage that makes Americans more likely to vote for her.

Paul Brewer is available for interview – contact Donna O'Brien on 302 332 6264 or [email protected] to arrange