This week, Facebook announced it was relying on artificial intelligence to help evaluate whether certain posts violated its policies and should be labeled or removed.

According to a new survey overseen by the University of Delaware, the public should be in favor of this decision.

In the survey – a nationally representative sample of 1,900 adult U.S. residents – 65% said they were very or somewhat hopeful that AI would help stop fake and harmful content online.

A majority of Americans (61%) also said they trusted technology companies to manage the development and use of AI. 

Paul Brewer, professor of communication and co-author of the study, is available to comment on this and other aspects of the survey.

Most respondents in the survey supported the development of AI; a plurality supported public funding for it; and few support banning it. A majority also favored regulating the technology. The survey found widespread support for AI uses involving military drones and diagnosing diseases, but opinions are more divided on self-driving vehicles and facial identification.