Taliban fighters are taking control over Afghanistan and many are wanting to know what this means for the rest of the world. Professor Amos Guiora of the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah is available to share his perspective on this event and how it will impact American policy in the Middle East, as well as other potential outcomes in other countries. 

Guiora served for 19 years in the Israel Defense Forces as Lieutenant Colonel (retired), and held several senior command positions, including legal advisor to the Gaza Strip and commander of the IDF School of Military Law. He has published extensively both in the U.S. and Europe on issues related to national security, religion and terrorism, the limits of power, and human rights. He is the author of several books and book chapters, including "In the Crosshairs of Unfettered Executive Power: The Moral Dilemmas of Justifying and Carrying Out Targeted Killings"; and "Targeted Killings: Defining and Applying the Limits of Miltary Ethics." Guiora is also a Distinguished Fellow and Counselor for the International Center for Conflict Resolution, Katz School of Business, University of Pittsburgh.