Alan  Dennis, PhD

Alan Dennis, PhD

Indiana University

Professor and John T. Chambers Chair of Internet Systems

Expertise: TechnologyArtificial IntelligenceNonconscious CognitionData Communications

I am a Professor of Information Systems and hold the John T. Chambers Chair of Internet Systems in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. My research focuses on AI agents, fake news, cybersecurity, and team collaboration. A 2020 analysis listed me as one of the top 1% most influential researchers in the world, across all scientific disciplines. My teaching focuses on IT infrastructure and networks, and I have written four textbooks. I am a Past President of the Association for Information Systems, and also served as Vice President for Conferences. I was named a Fellow of the AIS in 2012, and received the LEO Award (our highest honor) in 2021.

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Meet your new AI colleague; Indiana University Kelley School of Business professor studies working with digital humans

With rapid progress in computer graphics and advancements in artificial intelligence, human faces are now being put on chat bots and other computer-based interfaces with customers, employees, and others. Coined “digital humans,” they mimic people as they are used as sales assistants, corporate trainers and even social media influencers
15-Feb-2023 11:05:19 AM EST

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