Amitava  Roy, PhD

Amitava Roy, PhD

University of Portsmouth

Senior Lecturer on Renewable Energy Systems

Expertise: hydrogen energyCivil EngineeringElectrolyserFule cellsCO2 capturingH2 compressor

I enjoy working on Hydrogen energy, energy storage & carbon capture technologies. I have industrial experience to apply the principles of thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, electro-chemistry, heat & mass transfer, and system integration over the past 17 years at my own companies.

I have worked on hydrogen production from water, hydrogen fuel cells, gas compression, biogas production, biogas upgrading into bio-methane, capturing Carbon di Oxide from various sources using water scrubbing, and pressure swing absorption methods. I have experience on high pressure storage of hydrogen and bio-natural gas (Bio-CNG). I have studied the super critical fluid properties of CO2 at high pressure.

While developing fuel cell and electrolyser technologies at my own companies I have gained experience on mathematical modelling of fluid flow through very thin channels and fine pores for designing of bipolar plates and electrodes. This helped my understanding of the characteristics of gas bubble movement, capillary action, fluid viscosity and rheology under various temperatures and pressures. I have developed catalyst ink for electrodes using solvent, carbon powder, metal-catalyst, binders etc.

I have two international patents granted on electrolyser for hydrogen production as the sole inventor and owner. 


My first degree was in Civil Engineering with specialisation on Environmental Engineering (1990-1994) from India. I then took my Masters Degree on Energy Engineering from India which gave me an exposure to both conventional and non-conventional energy systems (1999-2001). I then completed my PhD (2002-2006) on electrolysers for hydrogen production from water and hydrogen fuel cells from Loughborough University, UK at the Centre of Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST), Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I have also completed my MBA from Surrey University Business Schools, UK in 2015.


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