David Markowitz is an academic expert in automated text analysis and psychological dynamics. At the University of Oregon, he is an assistant professor of social media data analytics. He researches what our digital traces reveal about us, using computational approaches to analyze how social and psychological phenomena—such as deception, persuasion, and status—are reflected in language. He also evaluates how the communication processes we perform on various media, including mobile phones and immersive virtual reality, can reveal what we are thinking, feeling, and experiencing psychologically. For example, his dissertation investigated the psychological and physiological consequences of using, resisting, or being without one’s mobile device. He received his PhD from Stanford University and his Masters and undergraduate degrees from Cornell University.


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A person’s true feelings can be revealed in language patterns

What someone says out loud about a group of people and how they actually feel about them aren’t always the same thing, but a person’s true sentiments about other groups of people can be revealed by the language patterns they use in describing their feelings. That’s one of the key findings from a new study by David Markowitz, an assistant professor in the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication.
22-Aug-2022 11:05:34 AM EDT

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