Michael  Tipton

Michael Tipton

University of Portsmouth

Professor of Human & Applied Physiology

Expertise: PsychologicalPhysiologicalSurvival

He has spent over 30 years researching and advising in the areas of thermoregulation, environmental and occupational physiology and survival in the sea. He has published over 400 scientific papers, reports, chapters and books in these areas. Professor Tipton is a consultant in survival and thermal medicine to the Royal Air Force and UKSport; he sits on the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s Medical & Survival Committee, Surf Lifesaving GB’s medical and research advisory panel and the Ectodermal Dysplasia Society’s medical advisory board. He Chairs UKSport’s Research Advisory Group which oversees all medical and technological research undertaken with and for Team GB’s athletes.

Professor Tipton provides advice to a range of universities, government departments, industries, medical, search and rescue and media organizations.

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Rings of Fire: How heat could impact the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

High levels of heat and humidity driven by climate change could pose a significant threat to competitors at the Tokyo Olympics in July, a new study backed by leading athletes, the British Association for Sustainability in Sport (BASIS) and scientists from the University of Portsmouth's Extreme Environment Laboratory and the Priestley International Centre for Climate at Leeds University warns.
24-May-2021 02:45:55 PM EDT

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