Monday 8th November - Adaptation, Loss and Damage

- Dr Harold Lovell, Senior Lecturer in School of the Environment Geography and Geosciences -

Dr Lovell is a glaciologist with research interests in climate and environmental change, and glaciers and glacial environments. Areas of expertise include:

  • Environmental change.
  • Glaciers and glacial environments.
  • GIS and remote sensing for Earth observation.

- Professor Richard Teeuw, Professor of Geoinformatics and Disaster Risk Reduction -

Professor Teeuw focuses on low-cost uses of remote sensing for assessing hazards, vulnerability and risk associated with climate change. Research includes:

  • Using satellite imagery for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.
  • Mapping of urban flood vulnerability.
  • Satellite remote sensing of oil pollution in the Niger Delta.

- Professor Mike Tipton, Professor of Human and Applied Physiology -

Professor Tipton researches the physiological and psychological responses to adverse environments and the selection, preparation and protection of those who enter such environments. Professor Tipton has done extensive work on how climate change and increasing temperatures will impact sporting events and athletes:

Heat and the Tokyo Olympics

Cricket and climate change

Also relevant - Professor Steve Fletcher, Professor Pierre Failler, Dr Ian Hendy, Dr Jo Preston and Ewan Tregarot.

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