Nicole Coomber is on the faculty in the Management & Organization area at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Dr. Coomber completed her PhD in Education Policy and Leadership in May of 2012 at the University of Maryland’s College of Education. Her research interests include leadership, team dynamics, and experiential learning. Dr. Coomber teaches a variety of courses including Managing People and Organizations, Leadership in Action, Non-Profit Consulting, and Cross-Cultural Challenges in Business. Before joining the faculty at Smith, she worked with the QUEST program leading efforts in curriculum and corporate development.

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Analyzing the New Workday Dead Zone: The Power Dynamics and Science of It

Whether they’re working from home or on site, many employees are taking a break between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and making up the time later that night. Smith expert Nicole Coomber says, “sometimes it’s worthwhile to take a step back from work, rather than trying to just keep grinding.”
08-Nov-2023 09:30:06 AM EST

Business Leader Insights, Virtual Networking on Tap for Maryland Smith’s Women Inspire

Women business leaders -- Deloitte’s Wendy Sanhai and Route One Apparel’s Ali von Paris -- will share insights via a panel discussion followed by participants engaging in virtual networking, as the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business hosts "Women Inspire," via Zoom, on March 4.
25-Feb-2021 08:05:53 AM EST

The Pandemic is Pushing Women, People of Color Out of Their Careers; Maryland Smith Expert Describes How and Why Organizations Should Mitigate this Trend

A disproportionate share of women and people of color exiting the workforce poses a conundrum for diversity-focused organizations. But management professor and Assistant Dean for Full-Time MBA Programs Nicole M. Coomber at Maryland Smith explains strategies to mitigate this COVID-driven trend.
12-Oct-2020 08:10:33 AM EDT

“Pay is a great thing to look at, but it’s just one piece of the whole compensation package,” said Nicole M. Coomber, associate clinical professor of management and organization at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

- Here’s what you can do to get a bigger paycheck if you’re hit by the gender wage gap

"We know that when teams have high levels of trust and a feeling of safety, they are better performing," she said. "When you are open with colleagues, it helps them understand they can be honest, too."

- How to work from home with kids (without losing it)

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