Pierre  Failler, PhD

Pierre Failler, PhD

University of Portsmouth

Professor of Economics and Director of the University’s Centre for Blue Governance

Expertise: Economics and FinanceBusiness and Lawdevelopment economicsEnvironmental Economics

I am a Professor of Economics in the Faculty of Business and Law and Director of the Centre for Blue Governance.

I specialise in development economics, particularly environmental or ecological economics. I explore the interfaces between the use of natural resources and the development of countries. My particular area of expertise is the 'Blue Economy' — the sustainable use of oceans and coastlines for economic growth while preserving the health of ecosystems.

I investigate how developing countries can benefit from the use of natural resources in a sustainable way, and, importantly, how to place a monetary value on the protection of the natural environment. My research helps countries to develop sustainably. It informs the implementation of policies that favour environmental protection while providing economic and social benefits.

I coordinate complex research projects with multidisciplinary teams in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific region, working in collaboration with national research institutions, universities and policy makers.

I've coordinated 40 international research and development programmes in the following areas:

Marine and coastal biodiversity and ecosystem services
Marine protected areas, including ecosystem valuation and payment for environmental services
Climate change
Ocean and coastal zone policy and governance
International and regional fish trade
Poverty and food security
I support many organisations to develop their strategies for the use of oceans and the coast. I coordinated Blue Economy Strategies for the African Union, the Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD), the Government of Bangladesh and the Government of Seychelles. I also coordinated the Regional Action Plan for the Blue Economy of the Indian Ocean Commission.

I've authored or co-authored over 350 journal articles, book chapters, research reports, consultancy reports, media reports, conference papers and proceedings. I'm a reviewer for many scientific journals. 

I'm a scientific evaluator for several research councils in the UK, Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.


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Experts to comment on environmental or ecological economics at COP26

Experts to comment on environmental or ecological economics at COP26
26-Oct-2021 09:00:50 AM EDT

People depend on river flows and natural tides for ecosystem services, so governance of deltas must encompass the interactions at the interface of land and sea. However, current management is typically an extension of land or sea policies and have limited accounting for interactions between the two systems.

- https://www.miragenews.com/collaborating-for-sustainable-future-in-asia-659856/

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