Dr. Sherry Schneider, assistant professor, teaches social psychology, psychology of workforce diversity, industrial and organizational psychology, group dynamics in organizations, and organizational change and development.

Schneider’s research involves studying the effects of positive organizational leadership in social-dilemma situations where significant individual incentives exist that are at odds with the long-term collective good. Within this broad context, Schneider directs a variety of research in her leadership lab, such as how leadership, social identity, and diversity and affect culture in primarily non-profit and volunteer organizations. Within this framework, she has studied leadership of volunteers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and university faculty and staff.

As part of her role on an NSF ADVANCE grant to advance women faculty in the STEM disciplines, she has developed a faculty culture survey to measure faculty culture conducive to enhancing a supportive and inclusive culture for recruiting, retaining, and advancing women faculty in STEM, with special attention to women of color and leadership positions.  Survey development is one of her particular strengths.

Schneider has significant international experience in organizational psychology.  She is writer and co-writer of peer-reviewed journal articles that have addressed work-life leadership, virtual and face-to-face teamwork differences, and managing workforce diversity.  She has taught or given presentations at international conferences in numerous countries such as France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. Before coming to UWF, she was senior lecturer and coordinator of the Psychology, Management and Marketing Program at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.  

Prior to immigrating to Australia, she was a faculty member in the Department of Management and Policy at the University of Arizona, and has been a visiting professor at Clark-Atlanta University, a historically black university.  She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and biology from Central College in Iowa, and master’s and doctorate degrees in psychology from the University of California in Los Angeles.

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