By April 1, New York state will begin offering a rebate of up to $2,000 for zero-emission and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles. Governor Cuomo has also launched a new electric vehicle campaign that includes plans to install 450 new charging stations around the state.

Rick Geddes, associate professor in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University and the founding director of the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy, says subsidies are a good start to increase electric vehicle ownership, but urges state officials to do more.

Geddes says: “I don’t think the 450 additional charging stations are enough for a state the size of New York.  I think that once electric vehicle penetration rates are higher, the state will need many more charging stations.  However, I do think this is a start, and a move in the right direction.

“While electric and alternative fuel vehicles are likely to be the wave of the future, one concern is the range of these vehicles, and the time needed to re-charge on long trips. That’s why more electric vehicle infrastructure, such as more charging stations, is needed.

“Greater electric car ownership, as created by subsidies like the New York State rebate program, may provide the impetus to install more charging stations.  That is, greater demand will result in more installation of charging stations.”