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Article ID: 700805

The Medical Minute: Navigating New Car Seat Guidelines to Keep Kids Safe

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one child under the age of 13 is involved in a crash every 33 seconds.

19-Sep-2018 4:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 700227

Ride Hailing Rise Transforming City Transportation Planning, According to New Study

Arizona State University (ASU)

Arizona State University researchers review national ride hailing data, see imminent changes in city transportation planning.

9-Sep-2018 7:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 699980

‘Reality’ Driver’s Ed Increases Teens’ Awareness of the Outcomes of Risky Driving

Baylor University

Teens who took a supplemental drivers’ education program — including tours of emergency rooms, ICUs and a morgue — showed more awareness of the consequences of risky driving and of how they can avoid dangers, but whether that will change their driving is inconclusive, researchers say.

5-Sep-2018 12:45 PM EDT

Article ID: 699894

The Gridlock State

California State University (CSU) Chancellor's Office

Traffic is one of the biggest problems California has to solve. Learn how CSU campuses are working to end the state’s mind-boggling congestion.

31-Aug-2018 5:05 PM EDT


Article ID: 699848

DHS S&T Awards $3.5M to Improve X-Ray Detection Technology

Homeland Security's Science & Technology Directorate

The DHS Science and Technology Directorate has awarded a total of nearly $3.5 million in funding to three new R&D projects designed to improve the threat detection capabilities of current X-ray technologies for checked baggage systems.

30-Aug-2018 4:35 PM EDT

Article ID: 699747

Need a ride? Research improves NYC bike sharing through real-time crowdsourcing

Cornell University

Cornell University research improved bike sharing in New York City by providing tools to ensure bikes are available when and where they’re needed through a crowdsourcing system that now evaluates bicycle usage in real time.

29-Aug-2018 1:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 699700

Southern Research, NICE team to repurpose used EV batteries as energy storage systems

Southern Research

Southern Research and the National Institute of Clean and Low-Carbon Energy (NICE) are collaborating on a project to transform retired electric vehicle batteries into energy storage systems for offices and factories.

29-Aug-2018 8:30 AM EDT

Article ID: 699089

Most Wear-Resistant Metal Alloy in the World Engineered at Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia’s materials science team has engineered a platinum-gold alloy believed to be the most wear-resistant metal in the world. It’s 100 times more durable than high-strength steel, making it the first alloy, or combination of metals, in the same class as diamond and sapphire, nature’s most wear-resistant materials.

16-Aug-2018 10:05 AM EDT

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