WASHINGTON, DC (May 20, 2019) — The American College of Radiology Foundation (ACRF) presented its Global Humanitarian Award to Richard N. Hirsh, MD, FACR, of Akron, OH (individual) and Mamotest of Argentina (group). The awards, honoring the individual’s and group’s positive global impact of radiology services, were announced at ACR 2019, held May 18-22 in Washington, DC.

“This year’s ACR Foundation Global Humanitarian Award recipients work enthusiastically to improve access to quality radiological services in underserved and developing countries,” said Howard B. Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR, chair of the ACR Foundation Executive Committee. “By recognizing these volunteer efforts, the ACR Foundation hopes to encourage others to become involved in similar initiatives in underserved areas,” he added.

Richard N. Hirsh, MD, FACR donated thousands of hours to create Radiology Mammography International (RMI), a non-profit organization that provides mammography and breast ultrasound (US) services around the world. Since 1989, he has led over 35 volunteer missions to these regions. Each trip included donations of mammography and US machines and assembling volunteer teams that included radiologists, surgeons, technologists, field service engineers, and women’s health educators. Volunteer teams trained local medical personnel, provided community outreach and services for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. This team approach has been successful in establishing sustainable programs in some of the poorest regions in the world.

Mamotest (Argentina)’s goal is to drastically reduce the risk of death from breast cancer through early diagnosis by utilizing a network of mammography specialists and the most advanced global technology mediated by the internet. Mamotest operates twelve clinics across Argentina, offering diagnostics and information campaigns to prevent breast cancer. They also managed to pass a law in three provinces that allows women a day off of work, per year, to go for a mammogram and visit the gynecologist. In 2018, Mamotest conducted 25 campaigns and scanned/saw approximately 50.000 patients. Mamotest is highly focused on scaling its successful model, based on teleradiology, through all Latin America.

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