Newswise — BETHESDA -- April 23, 2014 -- The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) joins the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) to celebrate the vital role laboratory professionals and pathologists play in health care. Now in its 38th year, Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (, or Lab Week, takes place the last full week in April each year and is coordinated by a collaborative committee with representatives from 14 national clinical laboratory organizations.

Driven in large part by the Human Genome Project and significant advances in DNA sequencing technologies, molecular pathology has become one of the fastest growing segments of the laboratory testing industry. The use of molecular-based tests is playing an increasingly important role in guiding the highly accurate and personalized diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of genetic disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases, among others. Molecular pathology laboratories are highly sophisticated environments where professionals and technology intersect in a quest to deliver better medical care.

“We are pleased to join ASCP in recognizing the tremendous contributions of laboratory professionals whose specialized training and expertise are essential to the interpretation of test results, which enable patients and their physicians to make more informed treatment and care decisions,” said AMP President Elaine Lyon, Ph.D. “AMP celebrates the work of our members and all other medical laboratory professionals today and every day of the year. Their continued devotion and ability to develop and manage highly complex tests, continues to move us closer to realizing the vision of precision medicine.”

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ABOUT AMPThe Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) was founded in 1994 to provide structure and leadership to what was, at the time, the newly-emerging field of molecular diagnostics. Through the efforts of its Board of Directors, Committees, Working Groups, and members, AMP has established itself as the primary resource for expertise, education, and collaboration on what is now one of the fastest growing fields in science. AMP members influence policy and regulation on the national and international levels; ultimately serving to advance innovation in the field and protect patient access to high quality, appropriate testing.

AMP's 2,000+ members include individuals from academic and community medical centers, government, and industry; including, basic and translational scientists, pathologist and doctoral scientist laboratory directors, medical technologists, and trainees. AMP members span the globe with members in more than 45 countries and a growing number of AMP International Affiliate Organizations. The number of AMP members is growing rapidly; they are united by the goal of advancing the science and implementation of molecular pathology. For more information, please visit

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