Newswise — The PhRMA Foundation announced today  a call for proposals from researchers for its 2020 Value Assessment Challenge Awards, responding to a specific value-related question in health care. This year’s question is focused on patient-centered outcomes.  

The PhRMA Foundation will provide more than $80,000 to support scientific papers that advance solutions to the following question:

What approaches are needed to consistently and reliably incorporate patient-centered outcomes in value assessment for both population and individual-level health care decision-making?

“A missing link and vitally important element in value assessment is the identification and measurement of outcomes that matter to patients, which often are not captured in pre-registration clinical trials or health-technology assessments,” said Eileen Cannon, President of the PhRMA Foundation. “As the field of value assessment evolves, it will be critical to invest in better methods and data to identify and quantitatively incorporate patient-centered outcomes (PCOs). Until significant progress is made to better align value assessment with outcomes that can be captured, measured and operationalized, defining the true value of a health care intervention will remain a challenging endeavor.”

The Foundation’s Value Assessment Initiative is aimed at encouraging more evidence-based research on how the true value of medical treatments can be accurately defined and quantified. To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $3.5 million to support a variety of research projects on that topic. 2020 Challenge Award applicants have the flexibility to propose a wide range of solutions aimed at this year’s challenge question. Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Propose a conceptual approach which would allow a population-based outcomes value assessment to be tailored to individual preferences in care decision-making.
  • Develop an approach to define a comprehensive set of PCOs to capture health care value that can be integrated into a value-assessment framework.
  • Design a framework for developing patient-centered outcome measures, including relevant data sources, such as real-world data or qualitative research with patients.
  • Identify solutions to data limitations and barriers related to operationalization of PCOs, such as leveraging patient registries.
  • Design a value-assessment methodology that accounts for patient-centered outcomes.
  • Propose a mechanism to collect or disseminate patient-reported data to incorporate in value assessment.
  • Generate instruments capable of capturing relevant and standardized patient-centered measures of value.
  • Explore how emerging innovative contracting arrangements can play a role in developing or advancing adoption of PCOs and measures.

Candidates for 2020 Challenge Awards should submit letters of intent to the Foundation by July 1, 2020 to initiate the application process. Qualified applicants will be contacted by August 1, 2020 with a request to submit the full paper describing their response to the challenge question. Click here to review more application details.

Winners of the Challenge Awards will also be asked to become part of the Value Assessment Research Network, which was established to encourage collaboration and dissemination of findings that emerge from various projects the Foundation is supporting through its Value Assessment Initiative.

“Many researchers and thought-leaders are recognizing that, in order for value and value assessment to play a more meaningful role in health care decision-making in the United States, better definitions and methods for assessing value must be developed,” said Cannon.  “Appropriately defining and measuring the value of a health care intervention is a significant challenge.  The PhRMA Foundation is pleased to be a key supporter of these efforts to help drive innovative solutions that best serve patients and all stakeholders.”

To learn more about the 2020 Challenge Awards, please click HERE or call 202- 572-7756.


About the PhRMA Foundation

The mission of the PhRMA Foundation is to improve public heath by proactively investing in innovative research, education and value-driven health care. For 55 years, the Foundation has been helping advance scientific research and innovation to benefit patients. Since its founding in 1965, it has distributed more than $95 million to support these efforts. The PhRMA Foundation accomplishes its mission by investing in three key areas: core programming, value assessment initiative and a new program under development in the use and application of Data and Technology in Health Care. The PhRMA Foundation’s core programs of Drug Delivery, Drug Discovery, Health Outcomes Research and Translational Medicine encourage young scientists to pursue research as their career choice and assists in training the next generation of innovators.  The PhRMA Foundation's emphasis on evidence-based research that determines the true value of medicines is supported by its Value Assessment Initiative. To learn more, please visit

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