The series finale of The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday May 16th!  Harrisburg University of Science and Technology president, Dr. Eric Darr, can discuss the impact this show has had on interest in science and technology majors, classes and careers.  He can also discuss the impact on “geek chic” as it became cool to do science.  He can discuss the impact of this show on colleges and universities moving more toward STEM.  Additionally, as a STEM-focused university, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology uses the slogan “Leave it to A Geek” in its ongoing advertising campaigns throughout Pennsylvania.. University T-shirts have sayings such as “Talk Nerdy to Me”, “Let’s Have a Moment of Science”, “Be the Nerd”, "GEEKS Rule"... Harrisburg University of Science and Technology opened its doors in August 2005 to its first class of 113 students.  Big Bang Theory started in September 2007.  Big Bang Theory—like HU—had a slow start but grew.  Today HU has 6000+ students from 103 countries.