MELVILLE, NY, February 1, 2021 -- The Acoustical Society of America is accepting submissions for its 2021 Science Communication Awards.  

The deadline for entries is April 1, 2021.


The ASA Science Communication Awards were established in 1992 to recognize some of the best examples of science communication.

Currently prizes are awarded in four categories:

- Multimedia (ASA nonmember): any length, one award given. 
- Short format award (ASA nonmember): text <4,000 words, one award given. 
- Long format award (ASA nonmember): text >=4,000 words, one award given. 
- Member award: open format, any length, up to three awards given.

Works should be intended for a general audience and will be judged on their ability to enhance the public’s understanding and appreciation of acoustics and related fields.

Winners of ASA member awards will receive $1,000 and winners of ASA nonmember awards will receive $2,500 and a $1,000 stipend to attend the awards ceremony at the fall 2021 meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, to be held Dec. 7-11, 2021, in Seattle, Washington, where the prizes will be presented.  

For more information on each of the four categories, as well as rules and how to apply, please visit



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