Journal of Materials Research (JMR) announces a Focus Issue for April 2019.

Submission DeadlineSeptember 1, 2018 

One major roadblock to the wide-scale commercialization of state-of-the-art energy materials (e.g., SOFC, high-temperature PV, and high-temperature thermoelectrics) is the great difficulty involved with interfacing these materials with electrical interconnects in a way that results in low parasitic electrical losses and low degradation rates. Many of these materials consist of reactive and sometimes volatile elements from the chalcogen (including oxygen), pnictogen, and halogen groups, which tend to react strongly with metallic interconnect and interface materials that are usually desired for low Ohmic losses at the device level.

This JMR Focus Issue will cover advances in the synthesis, processing, and performance of both conventional alloys and unconventional compounds designed for use as electrical interconnects and interfacing materials for these high-temperature energy conversion technologies.  Special attention may be given to work relating to experimental and theoretical assessment of the reaction and diffusion kinetics of these interface materials and the volatile, reactive species of energy materials.