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ORLANDO, FL. (September 9, 2015) – Patients at high risk for cancer will now have access to their own specialized center with a dedicated oncologist, nurse practitioner and genetic counselor to assist them with their unique health needs. The Cancer Genetics Center at UF Health Cancer Center — Orlando Health, the only one of its kind in Central Florida, will focus on patients identified as high risk for breast cancer either by personal history, family history or genetic testing. Patients will work closely with an oncologist and genetics counselor to determine a roadmap for their future which will include a surveillance and risk reduction plan and lifestyle changes.

“Patients who are at high risk for cancer will receive a comprehensive genetics focused history and physical and a thorough analysis of their genetic risk all in one appointment,” said Rebecca Moroose, MD, Medical Director, Cancer Genetics Center. “Cancer is a very individualized disease, and with the assistance of a full-time genetic counselor we are going to work one-on-one with each patient to determine his or her specific risk.”

Led by Dr. Moroose, nurse practitioner Deborah Nosotti and genetic counselor Ryan Bisson the Cancer Genetics Center will focus on educating and supporting patients through genetic counseling and will extend to genetic testing if necessary. A genetic counselor will analyze the patient's personal and family history, various risk models and determine the patient's risk of carrying an inborn (germline )mutation that can increase cancer risk above the average rate for the population.  Based on the patient's goals and the calculated risk a shared decision will be made whether to pursue testing and what specific genes should be tested.

“Genetic counseling is critical so that we can determine exactly what type of genetic testing, if any, a patient should undergo,” said Ryan Bisson, genetic counselor, UF Health Cancer Center — Orlando Health. “With the expanded number of gene mutations that can increase cancer risk and the fact that some insurance companies only pay one time for genetic testing, it is imperative that the correct genes are selected for testing. If a patient tests positive they are counseled regarding options and provided with guidelines for care. The reality is that a small number, just 5 to 10%, of breast cancers are genetically related and there are other factors that put women at high risk.”

Patients can be referred to the Cancer Genetics Center by their physician or do a self referral. Interested patients will complete a health inventory and genetics questionnaire and then have an appointment scheduled. The initial visit will take approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

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