Newswise — DENVER, May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The costs and timelines to conduct clinical trials continue to increase, along with study complexity. While much of the focus within clinical trials has been on improving data integrity and overall study efficiency, addressing costs, timeline and complexity issues, one must analyze the impact of having all these components come together for a trial's success. ClinOne does just that by addressing and refining them with its multi-module platform. You can view a comparison, here, to see at a glance how we stack up against other solutions. Below is a summary of what else you'll find.

While most clinical trial management applications include certain features – like a site and patient-facing web portal and mobile application – ClinOne surpasses the others in its category in these innovative ways:

  • eConsent: Our eConsent feature goes hand-in-hand with our ePRO Lite app, to make sure the most current version of consent is always on file, enabling both site and patients to remain compliant, constantly.
  • MD Referral: ClinOne's MD Referral application offers broad or specialized reach, whichever specification the site wishes while recruiting for their studies. This helps streamline the enrollment process.
  • Schedule of Events Manager: A powerful workflow management tool to manage every single procedure, helping to mitigate study deviations. This helps greatly towards eliminating unnecessary protocol deviations.
  • Reporting of Patient Compliance: Our technology provides automated weekly compliance reports for research sites to show overall dosing adherence per patient. This gives the site coordinator an opportunity to re-educate the patient at their next study visit, particularly if their dosing compliance has declined.
  • Digital Concierge: ClinOne's Digital Concierge provides patients and their families a central resource to manage their visits calendar, guidance on travel logistics with Google Maps integration, visit expectations, and alerts and reminders across 30 languages.
  • Dosing Manager: This technology provides patient compliance through several options including web-based notifications, mobile application, and simple mobile text messages, allowing them to keep on track with their dosage.
  • ePRO Lite: This electronic PRO module allows patients to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), allowing our ClinTrialConnect app to provide single, central technology for sponsors, research sites and patients. This includes digital copies of validated questionnaires.
  • My Voice: ClinOne's My Voice technology allows patients to provide immediate, continuous feedback about their experience on a clinical trial. It asks patients to provide important study input about their experience during a trial; and their information is aggregated and automatically delivered to sites and sponsors.

These and all of ClinOne's features are instrumental in making our platform the preferred choice over all those in comparison. Sponsors and CROs benefit from effective recruitment, reporting, timely consents, eLearning, and all features designed to keep their studies on track. The patient benefits from a more participant-centric platform. By providing all site management needs, the training and other essentials needed by patients, we allow a more focused study with adherence to all protocols. It is easy to see why numerous new clinical trial site managers and sponsors are turning to ClinOne to manage their trials.

About ClinOne

ClinOne offers a complete suite of mobile and web applications to enhance patient, caregiver and site engagement. Currently, our solutions help support 3,000 clinical studies, across 1,900 research sites in over 54 countries, globally in 35 languages. If interested in learning more or scheduling a demo, please contact us. Visit for more information.

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