Newswise — March 6, 2017 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) – The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) installed David H. DeYoung as its 2017 President on Wednesday, March 1, at the TMS 2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibition (TMS2017) in San Diego, California. DeYoung is the Director of R&D, Breakthrough Technology at Alcoa Corporation.

After receiving his doctorate in metallurgy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, DeYoung began his career at Alcoa in 1981 in the Process Chemistry and Physics Division of the Alcoa Technical Center and currently leads Alcoa's development of breakthrough smelting technologies. He holds 14 U.S. patents and has authored or co-authored more than 15 technical publications.

DeYoung, a TMS member for more than 34 years, most recently served on the TMS Board of Directors as the director of the Light Metals Division (LMD). His dedicated involvement in TMS through the years includes serving on and chairing the Aluminum Committee and serving as the Light Metals Cast Shop subject chair, as well as serving as the Light Metals editor in 2008. He has also been active in the Extraction & Processing Division (EPD)—serving on the EPD Council, the Process Fundamental Committee, as well as the Process Technology and Modeling Committee. DeYoung also served a term on the TMS Nominations committee.

Upon his installation as TMS President, DeYoung discussed what distinguishes TMS as a professional society before an audience of colleagues, award recipients, and guests at the TMS-AIME (American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers) Awards Ceremony, a highlight of TMS2017.

"TMS is special because of the relationships it fosters among its members—be they young graduate students interacting with the giants of the field, new professionals being taken under wing by the well-established, or even veteran researchers energized by the fresh or unconventional approaches of young minds," said DeYoung. "Every invention, development, and new insight builds on the work of others. We make progress as a team, and strong teams have strong relationships at their foundations. TMS forges all of these connections—personal connections at conferences, connections made by volunteering in a committee, or reading the work of others in our journals."

He also noted that TMS is special because of the landscape that it covers—from the highly theoretical to the highly practical—and the strong participation it draws from academia, industry, and government labs.

"I look forward to strengthening these features that make TMS special," DeYoung said in closing.

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