Newswise — NEW YORK, Aug. 20, 2014 -- Over the past 11 years, Derm In-Review (made possible by an educational grant from Merz) has prepared over 9,500 residents nationwide for Board certifying exams, including the subspecialty exam in dermatopathology. In that timespan, Educational Testing and Assessment Systems (ETAS), the creators of Derm In-Review, have worked closely with a faculty of over 20 thought leaders to develop and update the study system's content annually. As part of ETAS' commitment to maintaining the educational integrity of their Board prep program, new this year they have also partnered with Aurora Diagnostics to further enhance the dermatopatholgy content of Derm In-Review.

Aurora Diagnostics is a specialized laboratory company dedicated to providing unsurpassed diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information and services to every healthcare community in which it serves. With a personalized and holistic approach, Aurora Diagnostics is committed to enhancing physicians' practices and supporting their ability to deliver optimal patient care. Their partnership with ETAS, and pledge to improve the dermpath content of Derm In-Review, illustrates their commitment to the healthcare community. Dr. Natalie Depcik-Smith, Dermatopathologist and Medical Director with Aurora Diagnostics GPA Laboratories elaborates, "Aurora Diagnostics is proud to partner with ETAS to expand our physicians' long-standing commitment to dermatology education."

ETAS is delighted about the partnership as well. President & CEO, Shelley Tanner, explains, "For over a decade we have offered quality dermpath study tools; by teaming-up with Aurora Diagnostics and their panel of experts, we will have the resources to take our dermpath resources to the next level."

Planned enhancements to Derm In-Review include a revised chapter in the 2014/2015 Study Guide, expanded image bank on the website and app, including higher-resolution slides, and an eNewsletter, which features a dermpath image of the month. Accessible through, these optimizations are launching throughout 2014.

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