Expert Available for Comment on Supreme Court’s Decision on Arizona Immigration Law

Expert Pitch

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down several sections of the controversial Arizona immigration law while upholding one part.

Elizabeth Young, professor of law and director of the Immigration Law Clinic at the University of Arkansas, is available to speak with members of the media to explain the High Court’s decision and what its practical effect on U.S. immigration policy will be.

Young’s research focuses on all areas of immigration reform. At the clinic, she and her third-year law students guide local residents, including University of Arkansas students, through the various stages of residency status with the ultimate goal of U.S. citizenship.

Young started the immigration law clinic at the University of Arkansas after serving for two years as interim director of the immigration law clinic at George Washington University Law School. She worked for three years at the San Francisco Immigration Court as an attorney adviser through the Department of Justice Honors Program. Her duties included writing final orders, analyzing and presenting changes in federal law to the immigration judges, supervising judicial law clerks and managing the Court’s intern program.