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    7-Feb-2019 10:30 AM EST

Article ID: 707661

Immigrant Family Separations Must End, Psychologist Tells Congressional Panel

American Psychological Association (APA)

Forced separation of immigrant families trying to enter the United States must cease, and parents and children who have been separated must have access to trauma-informed mental health care, a psychologist told a congressional panel today.

6-Feb-2019 2:10 PM EST

Law and Public Policy


Article ID: 707615

UNH Research Finds Shrinking Population in More Than a Third of Rural Counties

University of New Hampshire

Nearly 35 percent of rural counties in the United States are experiencing protracted and significant population loss, according to new research released by the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire. Those counties are now home to 6.2 million residents, a third fewer than lived there in 1950.

6-Feb-2019 10:05 AM EST

Law and Public Policy

Article ID: 707541

Chaotic home lives define ‘Dreamer’ experience

Cornell University

New research provides the first national estimates of the living arrangements for 'Dreamers' by comparing undocumented immigrants’ households to those of documented immigrants and U.S.-born groups.

5-Feb-2019 11:10 AM EST

Law and Public Policy


Article ID: 706604

Michiko Itatani’s cosmic paintings focus of online exhibition

DePaul University

DePaul University professor Laura Kina considers Michiko Itatani an ‘artistic mother’ and recently curated an online exhibition that explores Itatani’s work through essays, audio interviews and dynamic visual displays.

16-Jan-2019 2:05 PM EST

Arts and Humanities

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110 of 618

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